Epoisses…Who Knew??

December 3, 2008



Winner: 2009 Feline Foodie Awards: Cheese Banned From French Public Transportation

The Lady brought home a round, wooden, stinky box with a cheese inside that was so divine, I thought I might lose a life just feasting on this delightful cheese. Alas, I got very little because The Lady used the term “pricey” and The Man decided it was a cheese only good enough for the humankind. (I may have to punish him and not allow him to pet me today…)

The famous epicure, Brillat-Savarin proclaimed Epoisses “The King of Cheeses” which must have miffed the Italians of Parma who say the same about their own Parmigiano-Reggiano. But I have to agree with B-S; this cheese is, by far, the best The Lady has allowed me to taste and review. In fact, I don’t have enough paws to rate it properly…

It is said that Napoleon was a particularly “big” fan of Epoisses.

This cheese was very popular before World War II and was manufactured extensively in the Cote-d’Or region of France. Since WWII, it has experienced a drastic reduction in manufacturing.

However, those who love this cheese, seek it out and according to The Lady, a couple of her customers have swooned when spotting it in the Air Screen case.

Epoisses is a pungent, washed-rind cheese (washed with Brandy) and circular with a red-orange rind. It is creamy and melts on the palate. As it melts, its taste changes and becomes more complex, leaving a satisfying and lingering after taste.

The Lady mentioned to The Man that the little box (less than 8 ounces) costs $23.99 making it the most expensive cheese that The Lady sells at the kiosk which she now refers to as the “cheese mines”. But trust me, it’s worth every penny…

Trivia: Because of its stinky smell, Epoisses is banned from Public transportation in France…just like the French, make a divine cheese and then kick it off the bus…

I give Epoisses 4 out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got) and I must throw in my wagging tail on this one…as the French would say…oooh, la, la…

Serving Suggestions: Eat it alone on a cracker.

Wine Pairings: A good red burgundy or a sauternes.

Source: Unpasturized cow’s milk.

2 Responses to “Epoisses…Who Knew??”

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