Encouraging and Nurturing the Next Generation of Foodies

December 17, 2008

The Lady really loves her career working at the Cheese Kiosk and that makes both The Man and The Cat very happy. When The Lady is happy she smiles and sings more (if only she could carry a tune, oh well, she tries…) and working in the Cheese Kiosk means she brings more cheese home for The Man and The Cat to taste…and that makes us happy.

She compares the store to a small community. Many of the customers are “regulars” which makes sense; most humankinds tend to be creatures of habit. Therefore, they would frequent a store that is either convenient or sells the items they prefer. There are many customers who “hang out” in the store; some visit everyday and often for extended periods of time. There is a group of retired men who meet for coffee every Tuesday and Thursday.

The Lady has gotten to know many of the regulars and quite a few of their children. Some of the children have developed palates and enjoy many different cheeses. And to her delight, more than a few are adventurous and will try new cheeses that she offers.

One of her favorites is a teen-ager named Chad who loves Blue Cheeses. Whenever he and his family visit the store, he drops by and chats with The Lady and she asks his opinion of certain cheeses. He’s honest and if he doesn’t like a cheese, he tells her why. His mother and father let him choose the specialty cheese they will take home. Chad has decided that for Christmas he is going to make the Pumpkin Cheese Fondue that The Lady made at Thanksgiving (she put the recipe up in the kiosk and pictures of the “finished” item as well).

Another, Sierra, always stops by and asks, “What have you got for me to try today?” The kiosk always has samples of at least 6-10 cheeses already cubed; so there is always something for Sierra to try.

Victoria, whose family moved to the Northwest from Southern California, is a fan of Gruyere. She seems to love Swiss cheeses in general. Her father is a cook and he and The Lady discuss recipes whenever he stops by.

Mason is “into” Brie and the stronger, the better. The first time he and his father visited the kiosk Mason tried all four Brie that The Lady offered and he chose St. Albray. Mason also prefers Rembrandt over Parrano. Mason is also 2 1/2 years old.

But her favortie is Bailey. Bailey is 5 years old and plays soccor at the local indoor sports’ arena. Bailey always rushs to see The Lady and even claims “You’re my favorite lady”. His mother told The Lady that he always rushes to see his “friend”. The last time he came by, he rushed up, threw his arms open wide and proclaimed, “I’m back!!”

The Lady enjoys encouraging the young ones to try different cheeses and she tries to always spend a few minutes with each one so they will know they are special. Who knows, there may be another cheesemonger lurking there and The Lady is quite sure there is at least one budding chef.


One Response to “Encouraging and Nurturing the Next Generation of Foodies”

  1. Maley Says:

    Marci, You make going to the grocery store fun! I’ve learned so many new things about cheeses!
    Thank you for being so friendly with your customers. It’s so nice to see your friendly face and hear your enthusiastic “hello” each time I visit.
    My cat loves his new collar :o) That was so thoughtful of you! Thank you again!
    One of your faithful customers.

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