If You Build It, They Will Shop

February 5, 2009

The Lady has a new job. She’s still a Cheese Steward; but she was promoted to “Lead” at another store that recently added a Cheese Kiosk. She had the task, along with her friend, Amy, the Queen of Cheese, to build the kiosk from the risers up. Craig, who is working with The Lady, assisted them. They had two weeks to bring the kiosk to life and get it ready for the “Grand Opening” on January 30th. It was a lot of work; but they did it and the kiosk is beautiful. (I only viewed pictures. Cats are not allowed inside grocery stores here on earth, not even one as sophisticated as this feline foodie. We are considered unclean…I spend half my waking time bathing. How many humankinds can say the same, other than perhaps Felix Unger??? But I digress…)

Here’s the skinny on the new Kiosk. It is the same design as the one where The Lady had worked since July. Amy set the same schematic beginning with the Italian cheeses, moving to the Spanish cheeses; followed by the English and French cheeses and ending with the blues. The air screen contains the more fragile cheeses such as Bries and Triple Creams.

In addition to the Cheese and the Antipasti Bar, this Kiosk has a Salsa Bar that offers up fifteen varieties of salsas, dips and spreads including a divine, locally made Baba ghanoush. Another friend, Kim, set the Antipasti and Salsa Bar schematics for The Lady.


The Kiosk before the Cheese is added

The Kiosk before the Cheese is added

The Cheese Arrives

The Cheese Arrives

Ready for the Grand Opening

Ready for the Grand Opening

Another first for The Lady is Sea Salts; several gourmet salts from around the world. There are French Grey Sea Salts, Hawaiian Salts, Smoked Salts, Flaked Salts, Blending Salts and Mineral Salts. Who knew??? And the colors are marvelous; peach, chocolate, bright white, grey and burnt orange. The display, which was designed by Debbie, another of The Lady’s friends, who works with Amy, is beyond beautiful and showcases the salts dramatically. Some of the salts retail for $30.00 a pound; but you only need to buy a small container, which will last a year or more, depending on your consumption. You can also buy blocks of salt and use a rasp to grate it yourself as needed. The blocks of the peach-colored Murray River Salts from Australia are quite eye-catching and would look great in any gourmand’s kitchen.

Gourmet Sea Salts

Gourmet Sea Salts


5 Responses to “If You Build It, They Will Shop”

  1. Kaui Says:

    Awesome, totally awesome!!
    Great job on the new kiosk. What a fabulous store. Two floors of shopping green!
    This store may outdo Whole Foods in Cupertino CA.
    which is my favorite place to shop.

  2. Mom Says:

    Would love to see all of this in person. Perhaps someday,


  3. J. Gualtiere Says:

    Wow this is fabulous. Congratulations! Spaulding when you get a chance could you review raclette cheese for us and all the things you can use when you serve it. There is a raclette machine that you use.

  4. Amy Pitzer-Wattam Says:

    Hi Spaulding! It is always a pleasure to work with your Lady. She keeps me sharp and is always upping the ante. I hope you were good to her on her days off because she really deserved it. The store is fabulous, and it is a pity you can’t see it in person.
    -the Queen

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