Champignon, the Mushroom Brie

February 27, 2009

Copyright Kaserei 2009

Copyright Kaserei 2009

Vegetarian – Suitable Cheese

Kaserei, a German-based Cheesemaker, loves to add flavors to their Bries and triple crèmes. I think that’s a terrific idea…I’ll make a few of my own recommendations later in this post…

Champignon, which means “mushroom” in German, is a luscious double crème with, you guessed it, mushrooms added. The mild mushroom flavor comes from quality champignons harvested at the peak of their season to add just the right earthiness to this sublime soft cheese. I overheard The Lady tell The Man she sells a several slices of this cheese every week at her little slice of heaven, aka, the Cheese Kiosk.

I have tried to convey to The Lady how important it is for me, her favorite feline foodie, to visit the Kiosk and pass along my own observations; but either she doesn’t understand my meows or she chooses to ignore them. There is also the possibility that my presence in the Kiosk might break some humankind health department rules; which is, of course, ridiculous considering how much time I spend daily keeping my fur clean and perfectly coifed. As neat and clean as The Lady is, she doesn’t spend half the time on her own fur that I do…but, as usual… I digress…

The Lady is a big fan of mushrooms and loves this cheese. The Man prefers another Kaserei cheese, Cambozola, which I reviewed a few months ago. Cambozola is also a favorite of The Lady’s friend Mary…you may remember her…she has a dozen feline observers living with her. As mentioned before, Mary is either the most fascinating humankind female in the Eastern Quadrant or she has twelve truly lazy kitties…if you know Mary, you can make the call…

I like Champignon; it reminds me of that same earthy taste I often lick off the paw pads of a fresh Microtus pennsylvanicus, when I’m lucky enough to wander as far as Salmon Creek where these little nocturnal critters abound. For some reason The Lady and The Man aren’t as fond of these tasty morsels. Go figure.

I give Champignon 3 out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving Suggestions: Champignon is delightful when spread on a slab of warm artisan bread or a nice buttery cracker. Let it sit at room temperature for an hour and it will lift the mushroom flavor to the perfect level for you to enjoyment.

Wine Pairings: Goes best with a light, white wine but can also pair with full-bodied red varieties.

Source: Cow’s Milk


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