Explorateur Triple Creme

March 6, 2009

explorateur Triple Creme

explorateur Triple Creme

Named after the first US Satellite, the Explorer, and in honor of the French participation with the US in the Space Program, this triple crème was created in the 1950s in the Isle de France. Its fat content is 75%. However, it is more flavorful and pungent that many of its triple-cream cousins.

It is produced as a squatty cylindrical disk and sold as a unit rather than being cut to order. In The Lady’s Kiosk it sells for $6.99 but I have seen it online, while doing my research, as high as $11.99 a unit, which is about 4 and a half ounces or $32.00 a pound for this sublime triple crème.

It is buttery and rich but has a firmer, more pate-like texture than Pierre Robert or Delice de Bourgogne. The affinage takes two weeks and gives this cheese a bloomy, Brie-like crusty rind. The bone-colored paste has a slightly salty and mushroom tang.

I give Explorateur 3 out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving Suggestions: An excellent dessert wine, try spreading Explorateur on crackers or a crusty French bread. Of course, I prefer my Explorateur on a bed of fresh field greens topped with a sublime leg of geococcyx californianus.

Wine Pairings: Prosecco or Sparkling Wine

Fat Content: 75%

Source: Cow’s Milk


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