Cracking the “Big” Wheel

April 1, 2009

Emmenthaler Wheel

Emmenthaler Wheel

Not to be confused with “…the big wheel turns…” Norman Wright 1910-2001


When the new Cheese Kiosk opened, The Lady ordered two wheels of Emmenthaler to use for display. Each weighed over 200 pounds. Recently she and Amy, her BCFF, noticed that the bottom wheel was exhibiting some stress from the weight on top…time to change the display and cut-up the “distressed” wheel. And so they did…

Cutting a 200 pound wheel of cheese is no easy task; but luckily, Emmenthaler is not a hard cheese and once you penetrate the rind, it’s a piece of cake… or I guess, a piece of cheese. According to The Lady, only a minimal amount of cleaning was necessary. They cut it in half and half again and finally ended up with about a couple dozen smaller pieces.

There were almost eight pounds left to sample out to customers and employees…which brings me to the entire point of this story…

The Lady offered a sample to Scott, one of her bosses and she said he looked at her like she was trying to hand him a snake. He doesn’t eat cheese!!

How can anyone not eat cheese????????

Humankinds…just when I thought I was beginning to understand…


4 Responses to “Cracking the “Big” Wheel”

  1. Amy Pitzer-Wattam Says:

    It had been my theory that there is something inherently wrong with the hardwiring in non-cheese eating humans. Perhaps they are also not really of this planet. . .ya think?
    -A, QoC

    • cheesemonger Says:

      A person who does NOT eat cheese is a person that CANNOT be trusted…my opinion and this feline foodie is sticking with it…

  2. Sue Reif Says:

    I have a dear dear friend who did not marry a gentleman friend of long standing because he did not eat cheese! She has since married a wonderful man who, of course, loves cheese.

  3. cheesemonger Says:

    Sue, Now that’s funny!! Made me laugh…The Lady asked that I tell you how much she always enjoys seeing you at the cheese mines.

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