The Kerrygold Family of Cheeses – Part Five – Ivernia

April 6, 2009

Kerrygold's Ivernia

Kerrygold's Ivernia

The Man is heading to Southern California this morning so I’ll have a run of the manse during the day the rest of the week. Seemed like a good time to get an early start on my cheese reviews…but before I do, how about this new banner picture. The Lady took it yesterday at her cheese kiosk. She tells me it’s a “work-in-progress” but I thought it was divine…lots of cheese to drool over…

Ivernia from Kerrygold is a hard cheese that you can grate. It is aged for three years to develop its complex, piquant flavors.  You can substitute it for any hard Italian cheese…can’t you just hear the shudder coming from Parma, Italy right now…

Talk about history and cheese. The Iverni were an ancient people of Ireland, settling on the island around 500 BC. The name is thought to have derived from Erin, the ancient Greek mythological name for Ireland, which is itself derived from the word Éire, the name for Ireland in our indigenous Celtic language. The wheels of Ivernia are embedded with an ancient Celtic symbol.

I like this cheese…it’s cheese…what’s not to like and there’s not a goat in sight to screw with the milk that Kerrygold uses…

I give Ivernia 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving Suggestions: Grate it on a pizza (take that Mozzarella); over soup; or augratin potatoes. This cheese would be a terrific addition to any cheese platter.

Wine Pairings: Cabernet or Sangiovese.

Beer: I prefer a nice IPA.

Source: Pasteurized cow’s milk filled with beta carotene and all the other good stuff that the terroir of Ireland has to offer…

Up next: Red Leicester


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