Golf, Tradition and Pimento Cheese Sandwiches

April 10, 2009

Joel and The Lady New Year's Eve 1993

Joel and The Lady New Year's Eve 1993



The Lady loves to watch golf and her favorite PGA tournament is The Masters.

That means this week is her favorite week to watch golf. The DVR has been set (with care) for all four days. Yesterday and today, she walked in the door from the cheese mines; took a Jacuzzi bath and hunkered down to watch the first and second rounds. Much un-lady-like hooting and yelling went on and a couple of times while I was napping on her lap, I suddenly found myself on the floor. (For those of you who know The Lady, like most everything else she does in life, she watches golf with a lot of passion…and I mean a lot of passion…that’s part of her “charm” according to The Man.)

But this is also a bittersweet week of golf for The Lady.

In 2005, she was in Atlanta and she watched The Masters, all four days, with Joel, her baby brother. That was the last time she saw him alive. For many years before 2005, they “watched” The Masters together via the phone across country. It was a tradition.

Another tradition was eating pimento cheese sandwiches while they watched the tournament. Pimento cheese sandwiches are served at Augusta National (in green wax paper wrapping); and if they were good enough for The Masters, they were good enough for Joel and The Lady.

The Lady makes her pimento cheese sandwiches using a closely-guarded recipe that she pried out of her mother several years back. It is a recipe that came from her mother and probably her mother before her. Another tradition. The Lady will not allow me to divulge the recipe here but will admit that she does not use cheeses that she sells in the kiosk. Instead, staying with tradition, she’ll make the pimento cheese tomorrow night using both sharp and extra sharp cheddars.

And on Sunday The Lady and the Man will eat wax paper-wrapped pimento cheese sandwiches on plain old Wonder Bread (the only day of the year that The Lady would even consider eating Wonder Bread…it’s a tradition…) while they watch the final round of the 2009 Masters, reminisce about Joel with lots of laughter and a few tears.

The Lady loves The Masters; but not as much as she misses her baby brother.


4 Responses to “Golf, Tradition and Pimento Cheese Sandwiches”

  1. Susie Says:


  2. Gary Peacock Says:

    God Bless you and yours on this blessed Easter weekend!

    /s/ Gary

  3. jeff bomba Says:

    looking good girl. love the cheese reviews

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