Kerrygold Family of Cheeses – Red Leicester – Part Six

April 14, 2009

Before this feline foodie begins his review, I want to share with you a few “issues” I have with The Lady today.

She informed me last night that I am not going with her to Wisconsin. Maybe I am naïve but I just assumed (you know what humankind says about “assuming”…appears it really is true) I would be going along to keep my readers and fans up-to-date each evening when The Lady returns from the Wisconsin King of cheese mines…but no… The Man wants to know what exactly what my beef is, after all he’s not going either. Do I really need to explain to him the difference here???

I asked The Lady and The Man for a new laptop and they agreed to buy one today. Why exactly did they think I want it? I have the run of both computers here at the manse. Naturally a laptop is needed for traveling and staying in touch…but I digress…please lodge your complaints here…tell The Lady to let her feline foodie go…

Kerrygold Red Leicester

Kerrygold Red Leicester

I am so down with Kerrygold Red Leicester; this is one tasty cheese.

Why it is called “Red” is one of the great mysteries in the world of cheese. The color, which is not red either, comes from a vegetable annatto added to make its presentation brighter and richer. Not that it needs it…this cheese stands alone… It is mellow with a firm body and flaky texture.

You can substitute this cheese for any recipe that calls for a rich cheddar. I suggest the next time you make your favorite mac ‘n cheese recipe, you add a little Red Leicester. You won’t be disappointed. It goes with most anything. I especially like it melted in the toaster oven on top of a nice rare slice of Nyctalus leisleri, which have their European stronghold in Ireland.

I give Kerrygold Red Leicester 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving suggestions: As mentioned above, Red Leicester goes with just about anything. As a table cheese, serve it with a medley of fruits such as apples, pears and plums. Melt it in a grilled cheese sandwich and substitute it for cheddar in any recipe you are using…you won’t be disappointed…

Wine Pairings: Doucette

Beer Pairings: Award-winning Mirror Pond Pale Ale from the Oregon Deschutes Brewery

Source: Cows’ Milk

I hope you enjoyed my reviews of the Kerrygold Family of Cheeses.

My next reviews will be of the Family of Istara Cheeses. I will begin with Ossau-Iraty, a favorite cheese of The Lady’s friend, John.


2 Responses to “Kerrygold Family of Cheeses – Red Leicester – Part Six”

  1. Anna Says:

    Spaulding, I don’t get to go on the trip either! But on the bright side, speaking of laptops. When I am working away from the office on my work computer I have to plug my Blackberry in to use as a wireless card……and this way I can bypass the Corp Ban of your blog! Muahhahaha!

  2. cheesemonger Says:

    Anna, thanks…I am writing you using The Lady’s new laptop… it is sooo cool!! I’m seriously considering a stowaway to get to Wisconsin…any suggestions?

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