Countdown to Wisconsin: T Minus 12 Days

April 16, 2009

The Lady and I are currently engaged in a strange dance of impasse; she pretends that I have no interest in traveling with her to Wisconsin on her cheesemaking junket and I am ignoring her and pretending that The Man is now my favorite humankind…she doesn’t appear to be buying it…perhaps she doesn’t give a damn…nay…I am her favorite…at least after The Man…

To prove my worth on the trip (after all who would blog for her each evening and report her adventure if not this feline foodie?) I have spent most of today while The Lady was in the cheese mines, researching the three hosts of the Wisconsin trip: Roth Kase, Crave Brothers and BelGioioso. I am now familiar with their cheeses.

I conferred with The Man and coaxed him into buying samples of each cheese for me to taste and review. I ask you, what better way for me to show The Lady that she can’t make the trip without me…at least she wouldn’t have half as much fun as she would with me as her roommate…

Many of the cheeses that these fine cheesemakers produce are sold at The Lady’s Cheese Island (no to be confused with The Kiosk). The Island is located next to The Kiosk and carries specialty cheeses that are pre-cut and pre-packaged. The Lady refers to the Cheese Island as being “Beverly Hills Adjacent”. That’s a SoCal term used for the cities that border BH; really nice places to live, but not quite Beverly Hills…

I will begin my reviews tomorrow with the Farmstead Cheeses of Crave Brothers: Mascarpone, Fresh Mozzarella, Rope Part Skim Mozzarella and Les Freres (pronounced “lay frair”).

On T Minus 5 Days, I will conduct a survey of my loyal readers as to whether you think The Lady should take me along…that will give me plenty of time to pack and get my “stuff” together…


2 Responses to “Countdown to Wisconsin: T Minus 12 Days”

  1. Sue Reif Says:

    Hi Marcella and Spaulding Gray — So glad to hear of your blog today at the Hawthorne Rally. I will now be one of your faithful followers. My Matilda Tabby — a strong feline of 18 pounds — loves cheese, too!

  2. cheesemonger Says:

    Matilda Tabby sounds like my kind of feline!! Does MT have a male suitor??? This feline foodie is available…

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