Roth Kase Family of Cheeses – Part One – Grand Cru Gruyere

April 19, 2009


T Minus 9 Days and counting…aka…One (Hopefully Two) Cheesehead’s Journey to the Land of the Original Cheeseheads…

First, I need to send a shout out to my fellow observer, Mathilda, who lives with The Lady’s friend, Sue. The word on the street is that you are one sassy tabby and if you are not currently taken, I would be most interested in getting to know you. Your reputation as an observer is stellar and according to the diary of the late, legendary Mike Tyson, you are a favorite of The Brain. Please don’t consider this sucking up (this invitation has absolutely nothing to do with the possibility that you might put in a good word with The Brain…I am not that kind of feline…no…not Spaulding Gray); it’s the first time since losing certain body parts (if you get my drift) that I have had a female feline pique my interest. You can leave a comment here or contact me via your Lady or my Lady who is The Lady.

Now to Roth Kase.

These folks have been making cheese for five generations and they know what they are doing. Their expert cheesemakers use imported copper vats to transform fresh milk from family farms into their award-winning Grand Cru Gruyere, which is their flagship cheese. It is also homage to their Swiss heritage. After the cheesemakers are finished with their part of the process, the cellar masters take over and cure the cheese on wooden boards in cellars that are temperature and humidity controlled.

After curing the cheese for four months it’s ready to become the foundation cheese of many cook and chef’ creations.

It is smooth, nutty and mellow with floral overtones (think Terroir…).

Like its namesake, this cheese melts easily and is versatile in its use in the kitchen and on a cheese platter.

I give Grand Cru Gruyere 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving Suggestions: As a table cheese, it goes well with most fruits especially pears, apples and grapes. It is the universal foundation for classic fondue and as the topping for another classic, French Onion Soup. The Lady uses this cheese when she makes her Fondue in a Pumpkin. The Man loves that creation.

Wine Pairings: This cheese is also comfortable with red and white wines alike. Merlot, Cabs, Sangiovese as well as a Riesling go with this cheese.

Beer Pairings: A Flemish Red Ale would go well with this cheese.

Source: Cow’s Milk

Awards: No less than a dozen in the past decade.

And let me leave you with…”Waltzing Mathilda, Waltzing Mathilda, You’ll come a-waltzing Mathilda with me…” at least that is my hope.


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