The Roth Kase Family of Cheeses – Part Two – The Blue Cheeses of Roth Kase

April 19, 2009


To craft their two luscious blues, Roth Kase starts with local family farm milk of the highest quality from Holstein and Jersey cows. The raw milk, which is higher in butterfat than most of the milk used by their competitors, has layers of character that change from season to season…you just can’t get away from Terroir when it comes to making specialty cheeses. The milk is transformed into delicate curds by their cheesemakers who then hoop the curds into traditional round forms. They then salt, pierce and cure the cheese for a minimum of two months. The two months gives the network of natural blue veining time to develop. Roth Kase delivers two blues that are classics, creamy and tangy with a clean, sweet finish.

Buttermilk Blue.

This is a tangy yet mellow blue; a bit bold. This blue is perfect for cooking or as a table cheese.

The milk comes from primarily Jersey cows…I wonder if they know the Kersey Boys…

The cheese is cured for sixty days because it is made from raw milk and those rat ass bastards (The Lady’s opinion…certainly not mine) aka The Government won’t let the cheesemakers sell raw milk cheese that has been aged less than sixty days.

I give Buttermilk Blue 3 Paws out of 4 Paws cause that’s all I’ve got.

Serving Suggestions: As a dip for veggies or as the base of a salad dressing. The Man likes to crumble this cheese on his burgers. It is also excellent in risotto, on a pizza and really kicks your favorite mac n cheese up a notch. I enjoy it crumbled over a nice Mustela putorius furo steak, with the most sincere of apologies to The Lady’s friend Jennifer who keeps those pesky devils as pets…I had absolutely nothing to do with the one that disappeared… It is also excellent with grilled lamb chops and peaches.

Wine Pairings: Late harvest Riesling

Beer Pairings: Yeasty, dark beer

Added Pairing: Gin Martinis, in honor of Norman Hall Wright 1910-2001

Source: Raw bovine juice

Awards: The Roth Kase website states it has won awards but I was unable to ascertain when and/or where…


Bleu Affinee

Select wheels of Buttermilk Blue are picked and aged for an additional four months which adds a peppery taste to this blue cheese.

I must give Bleu Affinee 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving Suggestions: Blend this cheese with mashed potatoes; spread it on a 34° Degree Crispbread with olives, dates or dried apricots. This cheese also makes an excellent table cheese and can be served with crystallized ginger, pears, peppadews (stuff the peppadew with the blue cheese – The Lady does this as a sample often at the Kiosk) or with roasted peppers (I’ll have to suggest to The Lady that she add some to the family pimento cheese recipe…although the Lady is loath to screw around with tradition…)

Wine Pairings: Port, Cabernet or Amarone

Beer Pairings: Iron Springs Barleywine

Source: Raw Cow Milk

Awards: Yep…at least that’s what Roth Kase tells me…

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