Purple Rain Vineyard, Community Supported Farm and The Man

April 21, 2009

Purple Rain Bounty Week One

Purple Rain Bounty Week One

The Man has always been into gardening; even before he met The Lady…yes there was life before The Lady, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t as exciting as it has been since that fateful day in the bowling alley…another story for yet another blog…(as The Man says, leave your audience begging for more…).And being the incurable romantic that he is, The Man claims he can no longer remember a life before The Lady…isn’t that just the most romantic thing he could say…especially after the Morgan Fairchild “incident”…

Since meeting The Man, The Lady has also become a backyard gardener. In their more than thirty years together, not a spring has gone by without some kind of planting. In Burbank, in addition to their vegetable garden, they had fruit trees; lots of fruit trees – apples, lemon, orange, grapefruit, fig, peach. Their lemons were so coveted that The Lady bartered them for avocados from her good friend Judy, whose avocado tree was also the envy of the neighborhood and a stop on the bird, squirrel and raccoon buffet tour, along with the fig and peach trees in The Lady and The Man’s yard.

One year The Lady and The Man actually had four rows of corn…BTW…you can’t have just one row of corn; you must have at least two in order for pollination to be successful. This feline foodie could have a field day with this “successful pollination” concept…but that might get my blog blocked in yet another quadrant of The Lady’s world…I wouldn’t want to cause another DPI situation…not really true, but it sounds good to pretend that I care…doesn’t it?

Once they moved to the Great Northwest, gardening was still on their minds and even though they now have a postage-stamp backyard, they plant tomatoes, peppers, and squash and fill their patio with pots of herbs.  The Man planted lots of stuff over the weekend and keeps running to the store to find more plants.

Then came the Aero Garden…The Man gave one to The lady for her last birthday…is that like giving your wife a blender…that’s when The Man had lots of “splaining” to do… the blender…not the Aero Garden…that The Lady loves. Now the kitchen island is overrun with tomatoes, jalapeno peppers and tons of herbs. The Man loved the Aero Garden so much, he went and bought a second one and even planted in pots between the two Aero Gardens because he didn’t want to waste the light spill. Like The Lady, when The Man gets into something, he jumps in with both feet and loves every minute…I assume that is part of his “charm”…he makes The Lady happy and that’s what matters at the end of the day, I suppose…

All this gardening crap brings me to the point of today’s blog entry…Purple Rain Vineyard in Brush Prairie.

Last year before The Lady went back to work, she read an article in The Columbian about Community Supported Farms and became intrigued. She pushed me off the computer and starting googling the concept and soon discovered Purple Rain Vineyard. It’s an organic farm a few miles from where the manse is located and they sell shares in their harvests (their season runs 33 weeks). The Lady and The Man bought a share for the 2009 season which started today. They picked up their share at the farm in Brush Prairie and according to The Lady, that area is gorgeous. She took the top off the car, cranked the radio up and enjoyed the drive. Starting next week, the pickup will be the Fort Vancouver Regional Library, located next to Fort Vancouver…how about that? Another aside, The Lady loves this library; it’s the only place she uses for finding books to read…she’s always reading…she has read over 1500 books since 2001…she keeps an Excel file of all the books she reads…

Back to Purple Rain and what was in their share…sprouts, broccoli rabe, two heads of leafy lettuce, spinach, chives, mint, radishes greens, and some other greens that went unidentified. A lot of oohs and ahhs were expressed while unpacking their harvest…One thing I know for sure, there is going to be one hell of a salad for dinner tonight…after they plant the new tomatoes and peppers they bought at the Orchards’ FM yesterday…they have shopped for plants at 3 FMs and yet they still have not found arugula…the quest for a perfect garden continues…

I suppose it really is the journey and not the destination.


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  1. I hope you are still enjoying your garden.

    There are some exciting new developments over at Aerogarden.

    Stop by to learn what’s going on!


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