How DID He Do That???

April 28, 2009

When I checked in at the hotel in Green Bay this afternoon, the front desk clerk told me my “other party” had already arrived…I assumed she meant another Cheese Steward and didn’t think much of it…Imagine my surprise when I walked into the room (which is very nice) and found SG sitting in the middle of the bed…waiting for me…

How DID he do that???


2 Responses to “How DID He Do That???”

  1. CP Says:

    Did Spalding REALLY get to go??!!

  2. […] Today I chose Marmota vancouverensis. Not only is it tasty, but while The lady, The Man and I attend the Seattle Cheese Festival in a couple of weeks, I plan to sneak away when they sleep and catch me one of these critters, skin it, pack it in ice and bring it back to the manse and hide it in the freezer… The Lady says, “Fat chance. You’d have to take the ferry and you don’t have a passport.” I made it to Wisconsin didn’t I??? […]

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