The Lady Has Prospects…

May 1, 2009

The Lady has prospects.

 Spaulding Gray returns to comment on humankind behavior and to review the best part of the cow, sheep and goat – cheese.

 It seems that The Lady has prospects and The Man had better be paying attention.


 For the second year in a row, two of the young “men” in The Lady’s weaving class decorated the entrance to the manse with flowers – flowers everywhere they could reach. (I suspect there might be a neighbor annoyed that their azalea bush has been picked clean).

 After they completed their mission they rang the doorbell and proudly showed The Lady what they had done. Two of the boys are first generation Americans of Russian descent and giving flowers is a tradition on May 1st, an important day in many European cultures.


 Later The Lady saw them back.When she went to the front door, she discovered they had added petals to the walkway and more flowers all over the area.

 So, it appears that The Lady has prospects, although these are part of that crowd that invades the manse periodically to take over the living room and send me scurrying to the safety of hiding under the bed…so personally I don’t think The Man really needs to worry…


2 Responses to “The Lady Has Prospects…”

  1. Sue Reif Says:

    I, too, delivered May Baskets on the first of May to 15 luckypeople in the office. Each year and friend and I do this. We delivered May Baskets as little girls to our neighbors and friends so as middle-aged but very young at heart women, we continue this tradition. We love it and we think the receipients do, too!

    • cheesemonger Says:

      We never had this tradition on the Mother Ship…I like some things that humankinds embrace…this is one…

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