Cheese Wars

May 19, 2009

Beer vs. Wine “Cheese Wars”

35 people come to taste beer and wine paired with cheese. A beer and a wine sommelier face off, which goes better? “Cheese Wars” is a scene from The American Brew (DVD extras) featuring Garrett Oliver, author and brew master from Brooklyn Brewery and Geri Banks, wine consultant. They’re given 7 of the world’s most flavorful cheeses and must pair each with a delicious beer and wine. The audience smells, tastes, swirls, and votes. And the winner is…?

The American Brew: producer, director, cinematographer Roger Sherman, producer, writer Jesse Sweet, editor Merril Stern, narrator Tovah Feldshuh, music composer by Teese Gohl, associate producers Brainerd Taylor & Lila Thaw, graphic designer and animator Marcelo Cermak, produced by Florentine Films/Sherman Pictures LLC (, presented by Here’s To Beer (

2 Responses to “Cheese Wars”

  1. Tara Says:

    As a a self proclaimed wine lover, I have started to experiment with beer and cheese pairings and am really enjoying it.

    Recently we (Big Rock Brewery) did a pairing with our seasonal Winter Spice Ale and a 3 year old cheddar (Janice Beaton Cheese, 3-year, made in Ontario with raw cow’s milk).

    As we do more seasonal brews we are looking to do more and more of these pairings to enhance the overall experience. Yum!

    • cheesemonger Says:

      Thanks for the post. Please feel free to post or email us with your pairings as you discover them and we’ll add them to our Beer/Cheese/Food Chart!!

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