The Estrella Family Creamery and Randy Johnson’s Farm Visit

May 19, 2009

Update: July 9, 2009: Randy and Family are returning to Estrella for another week of fun and torture in August…details as received…here’s a picture of one of the goats and Randy’s son from last year’s visit:

You have to kiss a lot of goats...

You have to kiss a lot of goats...

The Lady’s friend, Randy Johnson who is a Sales Manager for World Import Distributors (which imports cheese…my kind of human) and his family had the unique opportunity of working a week at the Estrella Family Creamery.

RJ and his son designed and posted a blog that chronicled their week with the cows, which were constantly getting out of their pens, the goats, and the pigs…RJ is not a big fan of pigs…

After a couple of days of monitoring RJ, family and friends, the Estrellas took a much needed vacation and trusted them with their farm.

What did RJ learn:

  • Cows are obstinate and do pretty much whatever they want.
  • Farm work is a 24/7/365 job and is never-ending.
  • And…pigs are…well…pigs…

You can read more about their adventure and view pictures of their “vacation” by clicking here.

The Lady does not sell Estrella Farmstead Cheeses and so far I have not had the chance to sample and review them. However, you can read all about the Estrella Family of Cheeses by clicking here.

After reading RJ’s blog and hanging out in Wisconsin, I have decided it is much cushier life for this feline foodie that The Lady sells cheese instead of making cheese…that career choice would seriously cut into my nap time…and the guano…worse than the corporate guano The Lady discusses with The Man…although “guano” is not the word she uses…


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