Dessert Cheese – White Stilton with Fruit

May 30, 2009

Vegetarian – Suitable Cheese  45_blueberry_fayre

It’s like eating cheesecake without the sugar…

The Lady brought home a slice of White Stilton that was laced with blueberries, very generously laced.

The Man, as you recall has a sweet tooth, was immediately interested, in much the same way that Politicians (aka Rat Ass Bastards, according to The Lady) are interested when other Politicians are lying (getting pointers on how to improve the “skill”)…but I digress…

The Man asked if this slice of cheese heaven was considered a dessert cheese and The Lady confirmed that it can be eaten after a meal as dessert; but she had other ideas…she planned to crumble it on some of this week’s bounty from Purple Rain Vineyard and make a salad with the cheese and “field greens”, which The Man prefers to call “weeds”; but he eats and enjoys them.

I was dismayed that the cheese would be going into a salad rather than my kitty pate dish but The Lady didn’t disappoint. She crumbled some up and gave it to me, her favorite feline foodie. It was my first experience eating blueberries and while they are not my first choice for lacing cheese; it could have been worse…

The Stilton part of the concoction was crumbly with a soft texture. Alone my guess would be that it would taste much like a yogurt. With the blueberries, it tasted like blueberry cheesecake.

The Lady mentioned that it often is made with lemon zest, mango, cranberries and apricots. I think Stilton should consider adding some crispy, crumbled Micomaronus leytensis which is so rare that even Wikipedia doesn’t have an article about it – but take my word for it…it would be yummy with White Stilton.

I give White Stilton 3 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving Suggestions: On crackers or ginger cookies would be a nice after-dinner treat. Crumbled on field greens works if you are of the humankind persuasion…

Wine Suggestions: A little bubbly would go quite nicely with this cheese.

Beer Suggestions: A fruity ale.

Source: Cows’ Milk

Fat Content: 45%

Suitable for Vegetarians.

5 Responses to “Dessert Cheese – White Stilton with Fruit”

  1. yabbi Says:

    I thot the Blueberry Fayre Stilton was awful. It was way too crumbly, in no way Stilton-y, and too sweet. It reminded me of farmer cheese with blueberries added. Not good, and certainly not worth the very high price for it.

    • cheesemonger Says:

      Thanks for your thoughts; as The Brain likes to say, “That’s why there is chocolate & that’s why there is vanilla…” different tastes for different folks. The Lady tells me that the Stilton Blue is very crumbly as well.

  2. time4dessert Says:

    loved it. Very ejoyable. Will buy again

  3. […] The Lady carries a Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese with cranberries added. This cheese is a huge seller during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, however, it continues to do well the rest of the winter season and tapers off as the weather warms. We have previously reviewed other Stilton cheeses with fruits. […]

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