Help Send Thomas To Napa Valley for a “Goode” Job

June 6, 2009

My friend and co-worker, Thomas, wants to land an inteerview and job with Murphy Goode Winery. thomas has a wine degree. The first step in the process is to produce a video and get the public to vote for it. Thomas has posted his video on their website. Please take a minute (the video is 60 seconds) and then, please vote for Thomas…we need to get him down to Sonoma County for the chance of a lifetime…

Click here to view his video.

Good luck, Thomas!!


One Response to “Help Send Thomas To Napa Valley for a “Goode” Job”

  1. christopherswinecheese Says:

    We’re just a small wine shop, but we’re doing a lot on Facebook & Twitter – we just launched a promotion for someone to win a B&B Dream Vacation along the Blue Ridge Parkway yesterday to see how very small “mom & pops” can use social media to get the sort of results that the big guys like Queensland and Goode are doing. We’ll see if people are as competitive to get a vacation as they are to get a job. More info here:

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