Roth Kase GranQueso Spanish-Style Cheese

August 12, 2009

Roth Kase GranQueso

Roth Kase GranQueso

Winner: 2009 ACS Cheese Awards: First Place: Hispanic and Portguese Cheeses; Second Place 2011

When The Lady (and I) went to Wisconsin in late April, GranQueso (“Big Cheese”) is one of the cheeses she made on the final day of the trip. For some reason Roth Kase has a rule prohibiting felines, even this one of the foodie persuasion, from hanging out on the cheesemaking floor…go figure…

This sweet, nutty tasting cheese is a Spanish-style cheese that is a perfect alternative to Manchego or Iberico. The Iberians should take note…I wonder if there has been a dip in sales since GranQueso came on the cheese scene…

GranQueso is a hard, dry cheese and is the “Featured Cheese of the Week” at The Lady’s kiosk this week. Stop by and enjoy a tasting and take some home.

The Lady posted a recipe using GranQueso at our “sister” blog: Sourdough Bread with Marinated GranQueso and Divina Roasted Peppers. This is perfect tapas offering to treat yourself and impress your friends.

This is The Lady holding GranQueso right after she put it into the cheese hoop (mould) to give the cheese the desired shape and basket-finish.

The Lady with Her GranQueso

The Lady with Her GranQueso

In addition to helping take the milk through the process to make curds to pressing into the moulds, The Lady also followed this cheese through the six month process until it is ready to “go to market”. You might notice the cheese she is holding is snow white and the finished cheese is a rich burnt orange. This color was achieved by “painting” the outside with a combination of spices and cayenne pepper and then sealing with a food glaze. This was one of the tasks The Lady performed while at Roth Kase.

The cheese The Lady made is currently aging at Roth Kase and will be sold at her kiosk and the kiosks throughout the system mid-November.

You can enjoy this cheese now by visiting your favorite Cheesemonger. Can you guess who my favorite Cheesemonger is???

This Feline Foodie gives GranQueso 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving Suggestions: GranQueso makes a wonderful addition to any cheese platter. It works well shaved on salads and melts well on a grilled cheese. It pairs well with Jamon Serrano and if you want to really treat yourself, pair it with a slice of Jamon Iberico.

Wine Pairing: You want to pair this with a Tempranillo grape wine and Southern Oregon’s Abacela Vineyard makes a terrific Tempranillo from the Umpqua Valley.

Beer Pairing: Oregon’s Heater Allen Pils

Source: Wisconsin Cow Milk

Awards:  2004, 2005, 2006 American Cheese Society – 1st Place

2005, 2006 World Cheese Awards – Gold Medal


4 Responses to “Roth Kase GranQueso Spanish-Style Cheese”

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  3. […] take on the form of the mold, basket or cheesecloth into which they have been dipped.  As with the Emmi Roth-Kase GranQueso The Lady helped make in Wisconsin, the finished cheese may retain the imprint of the basket holding […]

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