One Year Blogiversary Report

September 1, 2009

What's for lunch??? Why, cheese, of course!!!

What's for lunch??? Why, cheese, of course!!!

One year of cheese blogging has come and gone for this feline foodie. The Lady thought it might be fun to list the top ten viewed posts and pages from year one. (Those of you who know her, know what a stats junkie she is…)

Here they are in order from # 1 to #10 in popularity. (To add a bit of perspective, I have written a total of 150 posts, excluding this one, plus 11 additional pages of information, including the various lists and charts. Whew…it was not easy to squeeze all this in between my rigorous nap and observation schedules…)

  1. The Beemster Cheese Family
  2. Hard Italian Cheeses
  3. About (About me, of course)
  4. Index of Cheese Reviews
  5. Cambozola
  6. French Brie
  7. Cheese and Wine Pairings Chart
  8. Beer, Cheese and Food Pairings Chart
  9. Triple Crème Cheeses
  10. Tillamook Vintage White Extra Sharp Cheddar

Now you know what interests the good folks who love cheese as much as I do.

Thank you for your loyal support and putting up with The Lady’s shameless promotion of my blog…gotta love her…


3 Responses to “One Year Blogiversary Report”

  1. Peter Wright Says:

    In addition I see you have lured in 672 spam comments. What an enormous body of work. Congrats.

  2. Mary Moore Says:

    I see that my favorite is #5 on the list. Not bad considering all the choices you could have made!

  3. […] On our one year anniversary we listed the top ten pages on our blog and you can read that page by clicking here. […]

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