The Wedge Report : Part One: Cougar Gold aka Cheese in a Can

October 5, 2009

Cougar Gold

Cougar Gold

As the T-Shirt says: The Lady and The Man went to the Wedge and all I got was a bunch of stinky cheese… one more time this feline foodie makes out like a bandit…

The Lady and The Man brought home several cheeses for their favorite feline foodie to sample and review.

I don’t want to short change any of the fine cheeses I tasted…I will review each cheesemaker separately beginning with Washington State University’s Cougar Gold…cheese in a can… who knew…

This sharp, white cheddar ages in a can for one year and then can be shipped anywhere a tin can can go…

Okay, I know what you are thinking as it was exactly what I was thinking… just how good can cheese in a can be??? The Lady used a can opener to open the cheese which had a date on it and the name of the person who was making cheese that day… talk about knowing how old a cheese is…

My second thought after “cheese in a can, yikes…” was “why cheese in a can?” The US Government (aka the Rat-Ass Bastards) funded a study at WSU to come up with a way to successfully keep cheese in a can… this was during WW2… and Dr. N.S. Golding, a Professor at WSU at the time came up with this cheese and it was named after him.

Bit of trivia, because it is packed in a can, supposedly this cheese can last forever as long as it remains in the unopened can and is refrigerated… you’ll never be able to prove that around here…

This cheese is crumbly and melts on the palate and is absolutely delicious… it is nutty and rich; everything this feline foodie looks for in cheese.

I overheard The Lady telling The Man that the reason this cheese reminded him of Beecher’s Flagship, always a favorite around the manse, was because Kurt Dammeier fashioned Flagship after Cougar Gold…after all, he is a graduate of Wazoo… what is it they say… imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… Flagship is a bit sweeter and both cheeses can stand alone… both are winners… but today I am into Cougar Gold… sorry Jena…

I made sure The Lady can order more of this cheese… have debit card… can order…

This feline foodie gives Cougar Gold 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I‘ve got).

Serving Suggestions: Just get out a can opener; open this sucker and enjoy it with 34° Sesame Crackers or a nice slice of smoked Gallus gallus domesticus. It melts well and is excellent in mac n cheese or any pasta dish.

Wine Pairing: Two Vines Merlot

Beer Pairing: Washington State IPA

Source: Cow’s Milk

Awards: Gold Medal 2006 World Cheese Awards: Silver Medal 2000 World Cheese Awards; Silver Medal 1995 US Cheese Champion and a Blue Ribbon from the American Cheese Society in 1993.

Up next: The Fine Cheeses from Willapa Hills Farmstead Cheeses


4 Responses to “The Wedge Report : Part One: Cougar Gold aka Cheese in a Can”

  1. […] Tami Parr of The Pacific Northwest Project moderated the panel which included Marc Bates of Bates Consulting and previously at Washington State University. He took the group through the history of cheesemaking in the Pacific Northwest and after his presentation treated the group to a tasting of the WSU’s truly world-famous Cougar Gold. […]

  2. […] author of Artisan Cheeses of the Pacific Northwest, served as moderator. Four cheeses were tasted: WSU’s Cougar Gold, Willamette Valley Cheese Company’s Boerenkaas, Sally Jackson’s Raw Sheep Milk (all of which I […]

  3. […] according to its press page, it appears to have been around since at least 2003), wrote about Cougar Gold and in an article and made the following comment about […]

  4. Andrea Says:

    Some of my fondest late night memories include munching on Cougar Gold. Coming from Gig Harbor you are either from WSU or UW, but either way we all agree that the late night munches are not complete without Cougar Gold! LOVE IT!

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