The Lady is on Vacation

October 16, 2009

The Lady is on vacation from the cheese mines. This is supposed to be good but with this vacation thing something bad…very bad…has happened…

When The Lady came home from work on Sunday she arrived with two other humankinds who brought along suitcases that contained some of their earthly possessions and they took over the “guest” room…which I suppose makes them “guests”. The bed in that room was, up until Sunday, where I took my daily mid-afternoon nap. Now, I am taking that nap and most of the others under The Lady and The Man’s bed…sheesh…

Something has got to change…

These two interlopers have several names…The Lady calls them Mom and Dad; The Man calls them Richard and Anne…I call them annoying and wish they would go back to their own manse…the only good thing I can say about them is they are protected by an excellent observer cat…I can smell him…I even know who he is from his scent…he is Hemingway, Quadrant Leader of the Northeast Georgia Mountain Brigade (previously he served in Key West). Although loyal to The Brain and true to his observational duties, Hemingway has a somewhat “checkered” past; he has always been known as a fighter and a lover…which got him into trouble on more than one occasion in Key West which led to “the incident” that led to his transfer to NE Georgia…but I digress…

I find Miss Anne to be particularly thorny; all she wants to do is pet me and speak goo-goo talk to me…what is it with humankinds that they think we want them to pet us…if I want to be petted, I have a lap for that. If I want to nap with a humankind, I have a lap for that; and if I want to get up close and personal with a goo-goo talker, I have a lap for that…and it’s not Miss Anne. I’m sure Miss Anne is lovely; Hemingway’s reports to The Brain indicate that she is easily manipulated and provides excellent kibble and treats…but she is not The Lady…

However, she does make one mean Potato-Tillamook Cheddar Soup and you can find the recipe by clicking here.


9 Responses to “The Lady is on Vacation”

  1. Kay Dickerson Says:

    no wonder I didnt see you today….
    I’ve been keeping close watch on my husband. but finally, today, he is getting hisd spirit back, tho not his energy YEt.
    BUT HE WILL . Miss you, my mongrer.
    Spaulding, please let me know when the mistress will return to the cheese mines….
    much devotion,

  2. cheesemonger Says:

    So glad to hear your husband is better; please give him my regards.

    Sorry to miss you at the store; I’ll be back on Thursday…

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