2009 American Dairy Goat Association Cheese Awards

October 25, 2009

My Thanks to “Buteos” for sending me this award winning list of Dairy Goat Cheese:

For more information about the American Dairy Goat Association, please click here.

Once we have had more time to review the list, we will begin to review these award-winning cheeses.

2009 Cheese Competition Winners
Amateur Division

Unflavored Soft Cheese-9 entries

1. 3 Sisters Unflavored Soft Kalina Vendetti
2. Karen’s Hilltop Chevre Karen Van Dollen
3. Creeping Thyme Bondon Marie Clements


Flavored Soft Cheese-13 entries

1. Lookover Italian Herb Susan Yetter
2. Black Label Cracked Pepper Jane Lorberau
3. Triple Creek Dill and Garlic Brendia Kempf

Unflavored Surface Mold Rind Cheese-3 entries

1. Joe Sellers
2. Antiquity Edelweiss Richard Grossman
3. Joe Sellers

Flavored Surface Mold Ripened Cheese-1 entry

1.Antiquity Ashes of Rose Richard Grossman

Unflavored Fresh Mozarella-2 entries

1. Mabie’s Farm Mozzarella Elisabeth Mabie
2. Decimal Place Mozzarella Mary Rigdon

Unflavored Feta-5 entries

1. Lookover Feta Susan Yetter
2. Decimal Place Feta Mary Rigdon
3. Creeping Thyme Feta Marie Clements
3. Triple Creek Feta Brendia Kempf

Flavored Feta-3 entries

1. No Barn Farm Marinated Feta Sharon Crumb
2. Coursey Family Farm Flavored Feta Annette Coursey
3. Sherpani Alpines Flavored Feta Renee Fish

Unflavored Pasta Filata type-other than Mozzarella-1 entry

1. Lookover Halloumi Susan Yetter

Unflavored Semi-Soft Cheese-1 entry

1. Creeping Thyme Farm Queso Fresco Marie Clements

Flavored Semi-Soft Cheese-3 entries

1. No Barn Farm Soused Goat Sharon Crumb
2. Creeping Thyme Farm Queso Fresco w/Sundried Tomato/Basil Marie Clements
3. Antiquity Friends Richard Grossman

Unflavored Hard Cheese-4 entries

1. Decimal Place Hard Cheese Mary Rigdon
2. Antiquity Donni Richard Grossman
3. Klamath River Hard Tutti Hacking

Flavored Hard Cheese-1 entry

1. Antiquity Carried Away Richard Grossman

Unflavored Yogurt-2 entries

1. Creeping Thyme Farm Nigerian Dwarf Goat Yogurt Marie Clements
2. Lookover Greek Yogurt Susan Yetter

Confections-4 entries

1. Lookover Salt Cajeta Susan Yetter
2. Creeping Thyme Farm Peanut Butter Fudge Marie Clements
3. Creeping Thyme Farm Chocolate Fudge Marie Clements

Best in Show – Amateur Division
Creeping Thyme Nigerian Dwarf Goat Yogurt

Marie Clements

Reserve Best in Show – Amateur Division
Lookover Feta
Susan Yetter

The Products Committee wants to thank ALL of the entrants in the 2008 Cheese Competition.
Amateur entrants included:

3 Sisters Cheese, Kalina Vendetti
Alcea Rosea Farm, Bev Michels
Antiquity, Richard Grossman
Coursey Family Farm, Annette Coursey
Creeping Thyme Farm, Marie Clements
Decimal Place Farm, Mary Rigdon
Karen’s Hilltop, Karen Von Dollan
Klamath River Alpines, Tutti Hacking
Lookover, Susan Yetter
Lorberau Farms, Jane Lorberau
Mabie’s Farm, Elisabeth Mabie
Moonlight Dairy, Dawnn Repp
No Barn Farm, Sharon Crumb
Sherpani Alpines, Renee Fish
Triple Creek, Brendia Kempf
Blair McCloskey
Joe Sellers

Hope to see you all back in 2010!

Commercial Division

Unflavored Soft Cheese-20 entries


1. Tres Belle Plain Chevre Wanda Barras  
2. Rivers Edge Chevre Fresh Chevre Patricia Morford www.threeringfarm.com
3. Ferns Edge Dairy Purely Plain Shari Reyna  

Flavored Soft Cheese-63 entries


1. Garden Side Dairy Chevre w/Dill and Garlic Kim Roos  
2. Rivers Edge Chevre Up in Smoke Patricia Morford www.threeringfarm.com
3. Garden Side Dairy Chevre w/Spiced Blueberry Kim Roos  

Unflavored Surface Mold Ripened Cheese-20 entries


1. Asgaard Dairy Barkeater Buche Rhonda Butler  
2. Baetje Farms Sainte Geneviere Veronica Baetje  
3. Carlisle Farmstead Alys’s Eclipse Tricia Smoth  

Flavored Surface Mold Ripened Cheese-9 entries


1. Rivers Edge Chevre Sunset Bay Patricia Morford http://threeringfarm.com
2. Baetje Farms Bloomsdale Veronica Baetje  
3. Mount Sterling Reserve Mount Sterling http://www.buygoatcheese.com

Unflavored Blue Veined Cheese-exterior molding-2 entries


1. Natures Way Farm Blue Tina Moller  
2. Firefly Farms Mountaintop Bleu Matt Cedro http://www.fireflyfarms.com

Unflavored Blue Veined Cheese-rindless-1 entry


1. Firefly Farms Black and Blue Matt Cedro http://www.fireflyfarms.com

Unflavored Feta-9 entries


1. Bonnie Blue Farm Feta Gayle Tanner http://www.bonniebluefarm.com
2. Spriggs Delight Farm Hillside Feta Joyce Powers  
3. Asgaard Dairy Fet Accompli Rhonda Butler  

Flavored Feta-4 entries


1. Split Creek Farm Feta in Olive Oil Evin Evans http://www.splitcreek.cm
2. Bonnie Blue Farm Hickory Smoked Feta Gayle Tanner http://www.bonniebluefarm.com
3. Latte Da Fresh Feta with Kalamata Olives Anne Jones  

Unflavored Washed Rind Cheese-6 entries


1. Baetje Farm Fleur De La Vallee Veronica Baetje  
2. Spriggs Delight Tomme Joyce Powers  
3. Firefly Farms Cabra Lamancha Matt Cedro http://www.fireflyfarms.com

Flavored Washed Rind Cheese-1 entry


1. Fairview Farm Carried Away Laurie Carlson  

Unflavored Semi Soft Cheese-10 entries


1. Bonnie Blue Farm Tanasi Tomme Gayle Tanner http://www.bonniebluefarm.com
2. Saxon LaClare Farm Evalon Larry Hedrich  
3. Asgaard Dairy Ausable Valley Tomme Rhonda Butler  

Flavored Semi Soft Cheese-9 entries


1. Redwood Hills Smoked Cheddar Jennifer  Bice http://www.redwoodhillfarm.com
2. Mt. Sterling Daisy Dills Mt. Sterling http://www.buygoatcheese.com
3. Mt. Sterling Black Olive & Balsamic Vinegar Mt. Sterling http://www.buygoatcheese.com

Unflavored Hard Cheese-7 entries


1. Bonnie Blue Farm Parker Gayle Tanner http://www.bonniebluefarm.com
2. Firefly Farm Bella Vita Matt Cedro http://www.fireflyfarms.com
3. Goldin Artisan Goat Cheese Tomme de Sawtel Carine Goldin  

Flavored Hard Cheese-5 entries


1. Rivers Edge Chevre Astraea Patricia Morford http://www.threeringfarm.com
2. Caprikorn Alice Orzechowski  
3. MV Cheesery Herbs De Provence Joseph Crosby  
4. Rocky Mountain Hot Chocolate Dawn Jump  

Salted Butter-1 entry


1. Meyenberg European Style Butter Tracy Dammon  

Unflavored Yogurt-2 entries


1. Dairy Delights Plain Yogurt Lisa Reilich  
2. Redwood Hill Farm Plain Yogurt Jennifer Bice http://www.redwoodhillfarm.com

Flavored Yogurt-2 entries


1. Dairy Delights Maple Yogurt Lisa Reilich  
2. Redwood Hill Farm Strawberry Yogurt Jennifer Bice http://www.redwoodhillfarm.com

Unflavored Fermented Milk-1 entry


1. Redwood Hill Traditional Kefir Jennifer Bice http://www.redwoodhill.com

Flavored Fermented Milk-1 entry


1. Redwood Hill Blueberry Pomegranate Kefir Jennifer Bice http://www.redwoodhill.com

Confections-13 entries


1. Fat Toad Farm Original Caramel Judith Irving  
2. Dairy Delights Gelato Candied Ginger Lisa Reilich  
3. Dairy Delights Gelato Madagascar Vanilla Bean Lisa Reilich  

Best in Show – Commercial Division
Bonnie Blue Farm Tanasi Tomme
Gayle Tanner

Reserve Best in Show – Commercial Division
Split Creek Farm Feta in Olive Oil
Evin Evans

The Products Committee wants to thank ALL of the entrants in the 2008 Cheese Competition.
Commercial entrants included:

Appleton Creamery, Caitlin Hunter
Asgaard Dairy, Rhonda Butler
Baetje Farms, LLC, Veronica Baetje
Belle Ecorce Farms, LLC, Wanda Barras
Blue Heron Farm, Lisa Seger
Bonnie Blue Farm, Gayle Tanner
Caprikorn Farms, Alice Orzechowski
Carlisle Farmstead Cheese, Tricia Smith
Cherry Glen Farm, Diane Kirsch
Fairview Farm, Laurie Carlson
Farmhouse Bakery N Cheese, Virgil Shunk
Fat Toad Farm, Judith Irving
Fern’s Edge Dairy, Shari Reyna
Firefly Farms, Matt Cedro
Garden Side Dairy, Kim Roos
Goldin Artisan Goat Cheese, Carine Coldin
HeatherLane Farms, Yvonne Cobourn
Jumpin’ Good Goat Dairy, Dawn L. Jump
Latte Da Dairy, Anne Jones
Lovers Retreat Dairy, Cynthia Wilson
Mackenzie Creamery, Jean Mackenzie
Meyenberg Goat Milk Products, Tracy Dammon
Mozzarella Company, Paula Lambert
Mt. Sterling Coop Creamery, Allen O’Brien
MV Cheesery, Joseph Crosby
Natures Way Farm, Tina Moller
Painted Pepper Farm, Lisa Reilich
Redwood Hill Farm, Jennifer Bice
Reichert’s Dairy Aire, Lois Reichert
Rivers Edge Chevre, Patricia Morford
Round Mountain Creamery, Linda Ann Seligman
Saxon Homestead Creamery, Larry Hedrich
SommHerr’s Dairy, Jay Sommer
Split Creek Farm, LLC, Evin J. Evans|
Spriggs Delight Farm, Joyce Powers
Erika Scharfer


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