The Lady’s Cheese Arrives at the Kiosk

December 8, 2009

The Gruyere The Lady Made in Wisconsin - May 2009

As you may recall, The Lady and I (although I was NOT invited…) went to Wisconsin last Spring and The Lady made cheese at Roth-Kase Cheese Company for the company where she works.

After aging six months, the Grand Cru Gruyere has arrived… still waiting for the Gran Queso to arrive…

Last night she brought a piece home and made Grilled Ham and the Lady’s Gruyere Sandwiches… The Man and I were in cheese heaven… life is good…

This Grand Cru Gruyere, the only Gruyere made in America, is sweet and nutty and lacks the metallic aftertaste that many of the European Gruyeres have…

And now you know the rest of the Wisconsin Story…

This Feline Foodie gives The Lady’s Grand Cru Gruyere 4 Paws out of 4 Pws (cause that’s all I’ve got…


4 Responses to “The Lady’s Cheese Arrives at the Kiosk”

  1. Mary Moore Says:

    We may be a bit prejudiced SG…NOTHING beats a true Gruyere from Gruyere, Switzerland. I’m willing to bet the plant is even more interesting than the one in Wisconsin.

  2. […] decided to cook up stuff in the fridge and made a lunch/snack using three potatoes and some of the Roth Kase Gruyere Cheese she helped make in Wisconsin last […]

  3. […] You may recall The Lady went to Wisconsin as a guest of The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board and made Gran Cru Gruyere at the Roth Kase plant in […]

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