Beecher’s New Flagship Crackers

December 18, 2009

 The Fine Family of Beecher's Crackers

Just when I thought Kurt and the gang at Beecher’s had done it all; they went and surprised this Feline Foodie (that would be me)with my very own stash of No Woman and their new Flagship Crackers to make my stash that much more special.

Along with my stash, and thank goodness The Lady didn’t try to claim it was her stash, she brought triangles of Flagship and Marco Polo which she shared with The Man. Begrudgingly, I shared the new crackers with them (like I had a choice…).

It was a Beecher’s evening at the manse and the three of us were in our own little cheese and cracker heaven as we sipped our favorite adult beverages (I had tap water) and snacked on our Beecher’s Feast.

Every other cheese cracker on the market might as well fold up their bags and head on home…Flagship Crackers are nothing short of amazing. While the cheese taste is subtle, the Flagship comes through and kicks this cracker into the stratosphere. They are nutty and the crunch fills the air with sublime gastronomical delight… is that “waxing poetic” or what???

Seriously, these crackers are delish!!

The packaging and the shape of the crackers follows the Beecher’s tradition of their Original and Hazelnut; but this cracker takes Beecher’s to a new level.

And one final note…even if Kurt and Jena had not sent the stash…I would still feel the same…after all it was No Woman that began this amazing journey in the cheese blogosphere for me…

I give Beecher’s Flagship Crackers 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving Suggestions: This should not come as a surprise…Beecher’s Cheeses…any and all of them…

A final note: I overheard The Lady telling The Man that Kurt and Jena have invited her to visit My Mecca (home of No Woman) and make cheese with them after the first of the year… to quote Kelly Bundy, “My mind wobbles” with anticipation… The Lady will come home smelling of No Woman… it just doesn’t get any better than that!!

FTC Full Disclosure – The cheesemaker/manufacturer sent me their product, hoping I would review the product/cheese.


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