Cheese Resources That I Recommend

January 1, 2010

The Lady has been busy putting together a “Cheese Handbook” for use at the kiosk and I have been looking over her shoulder hoping to find tidbits that I can use here on the weblog and voila…I found one I like…

The lady wrote a page titled “Informational Resources” with links to cheese websites plus a list of books she has read and/or recommends.

I decided to “borrow” the list from her and share it with you, my loyal readers:

Informational resources:


American Cheese Society:

Murray’s Cheese Shop:

Artisanal Cheese:

Pacific Northwest Cheese Project Weblog:



In a Cheesemaker’s Kitchen: Allison Hooper

The Murray’s Cheese Handbook – Rob Kaufelt

The Cheese Chronicles – Liz Thorpe

Cheese Primer – Steve Jenkins

World Cheese Book – Juliet Harbutt

Artisan Cheese of the Pacific Northwest – Tami Parr

Mastering Cheese: Max McCalman

Cheese Essentials: Laura Werlin

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