Hook’s Little Boy Blue

February 5, 2010

The Award-winning Cheesemakers at Wisconsin’s Hook’s Cheese Company have delivered a pungent blue cheese similar only to Roquefort in that it is made from sheep milk.  The cheese is produced during the period of the year when the sheep are out grazing on lush grasses growing on the rolling hills of Southwest Wisconsin. Much of the milk used in this cheese comes from the local Amish farms.

The Lady’s friend and fellow cheesemonger, Nate, brought a wedge of Hook’s Little Boy Blue back with him from his recent trip to Wisconsin. It came from Dee’s Cheese and More, a place that cares little about appearance in regards to wrapping… not a criticism… just an observation… I actually find it rather charming…

The Lady was thrilled to receive this cheese and has served it two ways: as the final cheese on a recent Whole Food cheeseboard and as a dressing for a lettuce wedge salad. The dressing recipe can be found on my other blog by clicking here.

The Lady and I have struggled over this review. This cheese is good; but it isn’t great and I had so hoped it would knock my paws off… it didn’t.

There was nothing really wrong with it; but there wasn’t anything particularly right about it either.

It was okay; but when you have the opportunity to use sheep milk to make cheese; I would like to see more… much more.

I give Hook’s Little Boy Blue 2 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving Suggestions: On a cheese board and as the basis of a blue cheese dressing.

Wine Pairing Suggestions: Tawny Port or Meritage

Beer Pairing Suggestions: Belgium Ale

Source: Sheep Milk

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