34° Lemon Zest Crispbread

February 11, 2010

While shopping (read: spying) the cheese case at the new Hollywood Whole Foods, The Lady spotted a 34° Crispbread Cracker she hadn’t seen before: Lemon Zest. When she got home, she sent an email to her friend, Robert who is the Western Regional Sales Manager for 34° and learned these crackers are “exclusive” to WF. The Lady growled; I thought a new quadruped had invaded the manse. Lucky for me, it was merely a very disappointed Lady…

Robert dropped off a box at the cheese kiosk for The Lady to bring home for me to snack upon and add my thoughts.

34° has another winner on its product list.

The lemon zest taste is prominent and brings a “zest” to your pairing choices; it may overpower or “fight” with some foods; but you’ll find your own favorites. The Lady served this cracker with two cheeses made from goat’s milk; one from a combination of three milks and a cow’s milk Gouda. While the crackers suited each cheese (the Gouda less than the others); it really made one of the goat milk’s cheese zing and the combination milk cheese paired well with these crackers as well.

The crackers themselves, like all 34° Crispbread Crackers, are thin, yet sturdy and hold up well with their toppings.

I give 34° Degree Lemon Zest Crispbread 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving Suggestions: In addition to the cheeses served, The Lady had some lemon curd and after the cheese board we tried that combination – wow – terrific!! It was a simple and elegant little dessert morsel.

(I’ll be reviewing the above mentioned goat; combination and Gouda cheeses in the next few days… get ready – there’s a shocking…yes, shocking… reaction by The Lady to one of these cheeses.)

FTC Full Disclosure – The cheesemaker/manufacturer sent me their product, hoping I would review the product/cheese.

2 Responses to “34° Lemon Zest Crispbread”

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  2. […] you do with Manchego, you can do with Campo de Montalban. The Lady paired this cheese with the new 34° Lemon Zest Crispbread Cracker and said the combo worked quite well. She also paired it with Quince Paste and munched on a few […]

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