Guest Review of Classic Jack Rumiano

February 21, 2010


The Lady’s Friend, Kay, has graciously consented to reviewing a cheese she recently discovered and liked. This is the first guest cheese review on the blog and I, too, thank Kay for taking the time. (The Lady and Ky met during the grand re-opening at The lady’s store when Kay won a copy of the Tillamook Cheese CookBook raffled off during the festivities.)

Amateur Cheese Lover Reports:

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to shop at an outlet store, and came upon this unusual blending of jack cheese.  It’s by Rumiano Cheese Company, out of Crescent City, CA.

 The label read:  “Classic Jack Rumiano – California’s oldest family owned cheese company – Sicilian Jack natural cheese. No artificial growth hormones.”

This cheese is flavored with black olives, sun dried tomato, sweet basil & garlic. 

The cheese itself remains “jacky” – it crumbles fairly easily!

This was so versatile.  It’s good on crackers, along with veggies, and wine (of course!).

Right now, I have it rolled up in a crescent dinner roll along with some blanched poblano chile strips.  The appetizers were very good and different!

So okay… maybe one day if I run across this little gem again, I’ll do a fondue with tiny meatballs!

 I was just so impressed with this cheese; I had to write about it!

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