Zabar’s Cheese Plate Videos

February 27, 2010

While researching the Campo de Montalban, I discovered that Zabar’s, the Premiere NYC Deli on the Upper Westside and a favorite of The Lady, had a series of consumer-friendly videos about their various product, including cheese. Here are a few that The Lady and I thought would be of interest:

First up: “Kid Friendly Cheese Plate” with Zabar’s Cheesemonger, Leah Juhl

This plate includes St. Andre, a French triple creme; Pere Joseph, a washed-rind Belgium Trappist cheese; Etorki, a sheep milk’s cheese from the Pyrennes and similar to Ossau Iraty and St. Arnoux, a smoked, spreadable cheese from Northern France that is a by-product of Comte.

The second plate that Leah features contains four cheeses from the Northern Sea region of Europe: Wynedale, another washed-rind Belgium cheese that is soft-ripened and excellent with beer; Leerdammer from Holland which is a combination of Swiss and Gouda similar to Jarlsberg, but sweeteer and taller; Mimolette, a firm French cheese that is a deep orange colow from the addition of annato, a vegetable dye (this cheese gets better with age) and Danish Blue Castello, a blue triple creme that is robust in flavor but less salty than other Danish blues.

In the third video, Leah introduces us to four cheeses that she calls “The Lesser Knowns”: Chaubier, a semi-firm cheese that is a combination of cow and goat milk (might be good for The Lady as it is not as goaty with the cow milk mellowing out the taste); Manouri, a Greek cheese that is a by-product of feta production with the addition of cream (similar to Ricotta-Salata); Etivaz, a Swiss Gruyere that is bolder and nuttier – sort of Gruyere on steroids and Montagnola Blue, a creamy blue from Germany.

For more videos and information on Zabar’s, visit their website. They post a new video every Thursday.


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