More Zabar Videos for Vegetarians, Raw Milk Foodies and Kosher Passover

March 3, 2010

These videos from Leah and Zabar’s are terrific: The Lady and I are enjoying these videos that the gang at Zabar’s is producing to share with all of us cheese hounds. I hope you enjoy these as well.

For Passover, this first video features 3 Kosher cheeses: Tnuva, an Israeli Feta; 5 Spoke Creamery Redmond Cheddarm nade from Raw Milk; and Redwood Hill Farm’s Camellia, a goat Brie. Paired with these cheeses are a Kosher Fig Spread and Kosher Crackers. Zabar delivers the cheeses in their original packaging to maintain their Kosher status.

Another Kosher cheese collection. This one includes: Ermitage Brie; Fromage de Chevre from Soignon, a traditional fresh goat in the pyramid shape; Swiss Tilsiter, a raw cow’s milk tomme and Danablu. Also in this video, Leah takes a moment to speak about the kosher aspects of the cheeses:

The third video is 4 vegetarian-suitable cheeses: Coach Goat Buttons, shipped the day they are made; Mt. Tam, that wonderful triple creme from Award-Winning Cowgirl Creamery; Coastal Cheddar which I have reviewed and Cashel Blue from Ireland.


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