Cheese Bar – Portland’s New Cheese Shop from Steve Jones

March 9, 2010

Amy, DPI’s Queen of Cheese, and The Lady got a sneak peek yesterday of Steve Jones’ new Cheese Bar in SE Portland.

After hanging out with Amy at the Cheese Mines, The Lady suggested that the two of them head over to the Mt. Tabor neighborhood and check out the latest from Steve Jones (formerly of Steve’s Cheese in NW Portland). Steve noticed The Lady and Amy lurking outside his door (he was NOT open) and graciously came over and invited them in to have a look around. The “official” opening day is today, March 9 at 10am.

Steve has moved from the back of a wine shop in the Nob Hill neighborhood of northwest Portland, into his own fabulous digs at 6031 SE Belmont.

His cheese is all cut to order and looks absolutely pristine. The Lady was drooling over (not literally – there was glass between her and the cheese, which is a good thing) his selection. He carries a few of the same cheeses that The Lady has in her kiosk but his choices include so many she doesn’t have.

In addition to his breath-taking cheese selection, Steve also offers an excellent selection of charcuterie and when he opens today he will also be serving wine and beer.

The floors are hardwood with a bar for seating and four tables are also available for customers to enjoy suggested pairings or their own creations.

I suspect The Lady has found a cheese shop that she will frequent to pick up those cheeses she doesn’t carry including the 2009 Best Cheese in the World, Le Cendrillon.

If you live in Portland, you should run, not walk, over to Cheese Bar and check out Steve’s offerings.

The Lady thanks Steve for his hospitality yesterday and wishes him great success – something that, no doubt, he will have in his new home.

You can also visit his website: Cheese Bar


10 Responses to “Cheese Bar – Portland’s New Cheese Shop from Steve Jones”

  1. The Lady is fortunate to live in such a cheese-rich climate. Guess I’ll have to head to Portland soon!

  2. It was so nice to meet you two ladies yesterday at The Cheese Bar. We will be running into each other often and will stop by to say hello at Fred Meyer. 🙂 Hillary and Randall Brown

    • cheesemonger Says:

      Hillary and Randall, Amy and I enjoyed meeting you as well. Steve’s shop is terrific and I plan on being there often to buy cheeses that I don’t sell… Stop by Fm and say hello. I work 6 to 3pm Saturday through Wednesday (I am usually off Thursday and Friday). Marcella

  3. Shan Juhas Says:

    How often do you write your blogs? I enjoy them a lot 4 6 8

    • cheesemonger Says:

      At least once or twice a week depending on time and discoveries of interest to me and The lady. Thanks for dropping by. You can subscribe to my blog – there is a suscription option on the top right (under my picture).

  4. Gary Peacock Says:

    We will look forward to visiting this shop, when we make our next road trip from Southern California to the great Northwest! We hope to do so in early summer!

    /s/ Gary Peacock
    Costa Mesa, CA

  5. If you want to know how Steve Jones runs a successful cheese shop, he’s teaching a 3-day seminar June 9-12 for aspiring cheesemongers.

  6. Marieke Says:

    I am Marieke Gerritsen and I’m with NW Epicurean,
    NW Epicurean is based in Olympia, Washington and currently highlights and promotes the local food and agriculture within the South Sound community though designing tours and events.
    The tours and events bring guests to multiple culinary locations and they get an in-depth educational tour of the local farms, wineries, breweries, bakeries, butchers, and creameries that sustain our food culture in the South Sound.
    On June 19th I am in the process creating a tour and farm to table meal for the SW WA Cheese Guild group out of Chehalis Valley.
    There are four destinations on the tour and my goal is to track down a niche group of proactive consumers (other local chefs, cheese distributors, restaurateurs) from our region that would really appreciate what these artisans have to offer.
    There are local wines from the Chehalis Valley, and regional beers, that would be paired with the different cheeses during meal time.
    If you would be interested please contact me: Marieke[at]NWEpicurean[dot]com

  7. […] will be serving up one hell of a cheese plate on Monday night. In a partnership with Steve Jones of Cheese Bar, the upcoming Cheese Bar Spectacular will feature tastes of more than 100 cheeses, in addition to […]

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