Edelweiss Bavarian Blue

March 28, 2010

The Lady had this cheese in the kiosk for a short time and it sold well. However, DPI was disappointed in its quality and pulled it. The problem stemmed from a rapid color change. When cut it had a beautiful ivory white paste with the blue splotching (as opposed to veining) but the white quickly turned to a pale brown which Debbie from DPI thought was unacceptable. It didn’t affect the taste; but it just wasn’t very pretty. If the problem was resolved, The Lady was never advised and this cheese is no longer in her order guide. According to her, that’s a shame as many customers fell in love with this cheese that might have given Cambozola Blue a run for its money. The Lady also told me that The Pink Barron actually cried when Debbie took this cheese away… those of you who know The Pink Barron know this to be true… those of you who don’t will learn in due time who this person of mystery is…

This German Brie with blue added is only available as an export. The citizens of Germany cannot buy this cheese. Now this Feline Foodie finds that to be strange. If it’s good enough for Americans, isn’t it good enough for their own folks? (The Lady and The Man back in the early 90s took a cruise, a terrible, terrible Carnival Cruise from hell, according to The Lady and The Man, to the Bahamas and learned that the citizens of The Bahamas are not allowed to gamble at the casinos – only the tourists. Which begs the question, why? Are the casinos cheating the tourists or is the government protecting their fine citizens from the dangers of gambling…). But I digress.

This cheese is closer to Castello Blue than to Cambozola in terms of creaminess and taste. This feline foodie found it to be quite yummy and am sad that The Lady will not be bringing more of it home in the near future. This cheese is soft-ripened Brie with a rind similar to Fromager d’Affinois and has high butterfat content because the cheesemakers add extra cream. It is very spreadable and The Lady and I enjoyed our wedge with freshly baked French Baguette and Dalmatian Fig Spread. It was a delightful afternoon spent at the manse.

I give Edelweiss Bavarian Blue 3 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving Suggestions: With fruit and spread on warm bread, this cheese is a delight. It would also make an interesting addition to a mac n cheese or potatoes au gratin. And personally, this Feline Foodie thinks it would be divine spread over a slab of Pandion haliaetus. While watching the Bayhill Invitation Golf Tournament yesterday, The Lady and I were delighted to watch a Pandion haliaetus (that lives near Arnold Palmer’s manse), hover over one of the lakes, swoop in and fly away with lunch.

Wine Pairing: A delightful Tawny Port would be a perfect pairing with this cheese.

Beer Pairing: Your favorite IPA would compliment this cheese.

Source: Pasteurized Cow’s Milk


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