Summer Cheese Platter Video from Zabar’s

April 6, 2010

With summer just around the corner, The Lady and I thought it was time to start thinking about your cheese choices for an afternoon in the park. The four cheeses on this platter from Leah and Zabar’s include three that neither The Lady now I have sampled: LaBonde d’Antan, a full-flavored goat cheese; Abbaye de Ste. Mere, a Trappist-style cheese made using thermolized milk; Gruyere Grand Cru from Roth-Kase (this cheese is the same as one of the cheeses The Lady helped make in Wisconsin last spring) and Bayley Hazen Blue, a Ayrshire raw milk cheese from Greensboro, Vermont.

Again, thanks to Leah and Zabar’s for taking the time to make these fine videos!!



3 Responses to “Summer Cheese Platter Video from Zabar’s”

  1. Blair Says:

    Hey feline foodie.. seems you have a nice blog going here.. I just wanted to point out that the april 6 2010 video from Zabars which you posted has a misprint or typo. Bayley Hazen Blue is a Ayrshire Raw Milk Blue Cheese from Greensboro, Vermont. You have it listed as Wisconsin. Meow!

  2. Avery Aames Says:

    Looks delicious! Love the presentation. I love a good cheese platter.
    Thanks for sharing.

    ~Avery Aames
    Author of A Cheese Shop Mystery series from Berkley Prime Crime
    Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen

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