The Lady Returns to Wisconsin

April 29, 2010

The Lady will be returning to Wisconsin on another Cheese-maker trip with other Cheese Stewards from her Company.

Details will follow… but the most important question is (of course)… will she take her favorite feline foodie this year or will I have to get there on my own in order to chronicle her adventure?

Please leave your thoughts below – should Spaulding Gray go to Wisconsin???


15 Responses to “The Lady Returns to Wisconsin”

  1. Susie Wilson Says:

    I have no opinion.

  2. Pete Says:

    I think he should go first class.

  3. Mary Moore Says:

    Well SG, first of all, you would have to travel there in a cage, and most likely in the belly of the plane. Do you really want to do that, or wouldn’t you rather stay at home and share some cheese with “The Man”? I’d say stay at home and make sure she brings you plenty of new cheeses to review. Traveling is not that easy on felines.

  4. Kay dickerson Says:

    Spaulding, I Know you LOVE your creature comforts…. So stay home on your comfy bed & nap in the sunshine… The Man will be adequate until your sweetie returns. I’m sure she will bring you LOTS of treats..’cause she will miss you SO much !
    Remember, Absence make the treats go larger !

  5. Rich & Nancy Says:

    We’d probably take our dog Pickles; so a true cheesehead like Spaulding shouldn’t miss this opportunity.. Take the kitty! Meow…

  6. Mattie Cat and Sue Says:

    Spaulding definitely needs to stay home. He tends to forget the adage …while the cat’s away the mice will play. So who would be minding the fort …and also the trip would require medication and being caged.

  7. Kristin Says:

    Thinking about traveling is probably more fun than actually going. Enjoy the cheese when the Lady gets home. You can always give her the cold shoulder for fun when she gets back.

  8. Hemingway Says:

    Of course he should go. Who cares what goes on at home while you are away. And besides why do you thing we read about the cheese. Spalding is the importamt one in that family.

  9. cheesemonger Says:

    The Lady’s “Regional” voted via email and his vote is “Definitely”.

    • Mary Moore Says:

      Would that be “her boss”? Wonder if Fred Meyer is willing to pick up your airfare. Now, if you are an official Fred Meyer spokescat, that’s another story, but if they’re paying, you better make sure it’s not in the belly of the plane.

      • cheesemonger Says:

        The Lady knows this person and doesn’t want to embarrass him/her… let’s just say that this person lacks a sense of humor and leave it at that…

  10. cheesemonger Says:

    Another email vote said the following:

    “Definitely not” with a follow-up of “Its not your time or your money. You are going representing fred meyer and bringing you cat is not professional for a business trip.”

    I don’t know this person; but I vote that this person’s vote should NOT be counted.

    The Cat Has Spoken

  11. Rebecca Says:

    To this person:

    “Definitely not” with a follow-up of “Its not your time or your money. You are going representing fred meyer and bringing you cat is not professional for a business trip.”


    I think that wasting fred meyer’s time and money are two wonderful reasons to bring Spaulding Gray on a business trip. I think you should fly him first class, order him room service, get him strippers if he so desires(he’s lost his balls, but he still needs someone to spray on) and charge it all to Fred Meyer! I know what the Lady gets paid–or rather, DOESN’T get paid, and please. Take every opportunity to screw the Man while sampling great cheese.

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