The Lady’s Wisconsin Itinerary – Day 1

May 13, 2010

The lady has (once more) laid down the law (it gives her the illusion that she’s in charge around the manse…) that the Feline Foodie (that would be me) will not be allowed to travel to Wisconsin and chronicle her adventures in CheeseLand USA… you’d think she’d learn that whatever I want, I always get and one way or another, I’ll be joining her and sharing her trip with all of our faithful readers…

I decided to check out her itinerary and tell you where she is going and who she is visiting.

First of all, The Lady asked that I thank those responsible for making the trip possible: DPI Specialty Foods, the folks that sell cheese to The Lady’s company… of course, they have a very special place in my cheese heart, despite them banning my blog from their company computers… yes, I hold a grudge; but cheese makes it dim over time… and The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board and her friend, Robert Schindler who will be on the trip.

The Lady was fortunate to travel to Wisconsin last year and will be visiting a few of the same cheesemakers; but there are many new places and faces… (As some of you will recall, I made it on that trip and chronicled her three days in the heart of the land of cheese… why would I do no less this year… but I digress…)

The first stop on their itinerary is Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese in rural Kiel. Henning’s is a fourth generation family owned cheese factory which offers a wide variety of cheese, including award-winning Cheddar and Colby. The Mammoth Cheese Wheel used to carve Fred Meyer (at last summer’s grand re-opening at The Lady’s store) came from Henning’s. The carver of this sculpture is Sarah Kaufmann.

Next stop on the trip will be Sartori Foods, makers of those fabulous BellaVitano Family of cheeses The Lady sold over the Christmas holidays and reviewed by moi. In addition to the BellaVitano family, Sartori makes one of the best American Parms, SarVecchio Parmesan, according to Liz Thorpe, Vice President of Murray’s Cheese Shop, in her new Best-Seller, The Cheese Chronicles.

Then it’s onto DCI’s Green Bay Cheese for a tour and product presentation. The Lady sells a lot of their cheeses and one, Black Diamond Extra Old Canadian Cheddar, was on the cheese plate that she, The Man and I enjoyed today out on the deck. Other cheeses from DCI that she sells include Salemville Amish Blue and Gorgonzola Cheeses, Goldy’s Handcrafted Cheese Spreads and Black River Blue Cheese and Gorgonzola, which is The Lady’s “everyday” blue cheese.

That evening DCI will host a reception for the tour participants before they head out for dinner at Lambeau Field (I know!!), the crown jewel of the NFL and the home of the Green Bay Packers, America’s Original CheeseHeads!!

What a way to cap off Day 1 of the trip!!

Time for my early afternoon nap and then I’ll post her Day 2 Itinerary…

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