The Lady’s Wisconsin Itinerary – Day 2 and Day 3

May 13, 2010

The Lady’s Day 2 begins early with a bus trip from Green Bay to the BelGioioso Glenmore Plant in Denmark. Last year she visited two of their other plants (Bellevue and Chase). She has stayed in touch with both Gaetano and Dave, who work there and she sells several BelGioioso products including two of her favorites: American Grana and Fontina. Although Gaetano will not be at the plant next week, he promised “lots of Burrata for Spaulding”. Now, that’s a prince of a guy and I thank him from the bottom of my cheesy heart…

From BelGioioso, the group heads to Salemville Cheese in Cambria. Salemville Cheese is collectively managed by an Amish community committed to sustainable agriculture. Amish farmers, with herds ranging from four to 25 cows, deliver milk daily in 80-pound milk cans for cheesemaking. They produce award-winning blue and gorgonzola cheeses which The Lady sells on the cheese island located next to her kiosk.

That afternoon, the tour will attend a trade Expo at the Marriott Madison West. No doubt the word “trade” translates to more cheese to sample.

Day 3 begins with a tour of Roth Kase in Monroe, where The Lady was part of the group that made Grand Cru Gruyere and Gran Queso cheeses which The Lady now sells at the kiosk. Since her visit last year, Roth Kase has completed its merger with the Swiss “Big Cheese” Emmi.

From Roth Kase, the group will travel to Waterloo and visit with the Crave Brothers, home of the greatest mascarpone The Lady has ever brought home to the manse. Last year, Debbie Crave served them a chocolate cheese cake made with that mascarpone and when The Lady recalls that cheese cake, she weeps; it was that good!! The Crave Brothers also operate a sustainable farm and literally turn s**t into shinola. They power the entire farm with their cow poo and even sell the leftovers to the grid.

It sounds like a lot of fun; I can hardly wait…


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