Wisconsin Cheese Tour – Day 2 – Woodman’s, Green Bay Cheese Company and Lambeau Field – Plus Update: Bus 1; Deer 1

May 17, 2010

From Sartori’s the group had another ride through the beautiful scenic countryside of Wisconsin as they traveled north toward Green Bay and the Green Bay Cheese Company, a part of the DCI Cheese Company. This facility is a conversion plant where the finished cheese is brought in and prepared for shipping. We had to don hairnets, a pair of footies (I wore two pair) and lab coats as we went through some clean rooms where cheese was going through the final packaging before shipping to retailers.

We watched cheese being cut from huge blocks into 5 pound blocks, slices, cubes and 1 ounce pieces. We watched cheese being shredded; we watched cheese being wrapped in plastic, bagged and put in plastic containers. We went through the final storage area before the orders were put on trucks and sent out the door heading for grocers across the country.

From there we went to our hotel and then were treated by DCI to a cheese tasting reception hosted by Kim Dyer. They served paired wines and beers to enjoy with the cheeses. Among the cheeses offered at the reception were the cheeses of Organic Creamery, Black River, Great Midwest and Nikos Fetas.

Once we are back in the Pacific Northwest, The Lady and I will review some of the cheeses we enjoyed at the reception.

From the reception, we headed to Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers, where we were treated to a buffet barbeque at Curly’s Pub. For those not familiar with the lore of the Packers, Curly’s last name was Lambeau. I guess we can assume the field was named after Curly… oh, he was also the first Packers’ coach… another reason to name the field after him…

After dinner our bus had another close encounter with a deer; this time the deer outran the bus…

Upon our return to the hotel which is attached to the Oneida Casino The Lady walked into the casino, sat down at a keno machine, hit 7 out of 10 numbers and won a quick hundred books. Then she returned to the room to hang with her favorite Feline Foodie…

Tomorrow, we head out early for BelGioioso… home of that dynamite Burrata


2 Responses to “Wisconsin Cheese Tour – Day 2 – Woodman’s, Green Bay Cheese Company and Lambeau Field – Plus Update: Bus 1; Deer 1”

  1. Cindy Matheney Says:

    Sounds like you guys are having an amazing time.
    Be safe.

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