Northwest Epicurean Creamery and Micro Brewery Tour

May 31, 2010

The Lady has plans for Saturday, June 19th (and as hard as it is to believe, this Feline Foodie isn’t referring to the U.S. Open – that will be recording on the DVR…) and if you’re in the Pacific Northwest, she wants you to join her and the Northwest Epicurean Society.

On June 19th NW Epicurean is hosting a tour of  the Chehalis Valley and will pair the Valley’s decadent artisan cheeses with regional micro-brews.

We will begin in Olympia, WA at 10 am and via tour coach proceed into the Chehalis Valley to tour five local dairies to sample cheeses paired with regional micro-brews.

Our first visit will be with Brad and Meg Gregory at Black Sheep Creamery (The Lady and I recently sampled one of their fresh cheeses mixed with some garlic and rosemary, which I’ll be reviewing here before tour date).

Our second stop will be Twin Oaks Creamery; we will then travel to our third stop, Blue Rose Creamery, our fourth stop will be Rosecrest Creamery, and our fifth stop will be Willapa Hills Creamery , home of one of The Lady’s favorite cheeses, Two Faced Blue.

Willapa Hills Creamery is hosting our “farm to table” meal prepared by a regional chef who will highlight local ingredients. A portion of his ingredients will be foraged from the Chehalis Valley. The dinner will also feature two wines from the region’s Award-Winning Scatter Creek Winery.

 We will return safely to Olympia, WA by 7pm.

 Private Tour, Limited Seating

 Must be 21 or older. (I am 35 in feline years… does that qualify? Safe money says I will be somewhere on that tour… stay tuned…)

 Please Contact Marieke at Marieke[at]NWEpicurean[dot]com for more information


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