Mahon D.O. by Solera

June 4, 2010

The Lady sells a different Mahon at the kiosk. David, her friend and a favorite vendor asked her to try the Solera Mahon. Lucky for The Man and the Feline Foodie (that would be me), she brought the sample home to share with us. We had it on a cheese plate with a warm baguette and then the next morning she melted some under the broiler on slices of the left over bread. Both ways were a success.

Mahon is a cow milk cheese from the island of Menorca which is situated off the Mediterranean coast of Spain. The cheese is named after the port city on the island. The dairy plant there is considered one of the best in Europe according to Wikipedia. The milk comes from 600 farms and is all used for dairy products. In 1985, Mahon was awarded the Denominacion de Origen designation to protect the production of this popular cheese.

This cheese is slightly sharp with a sweet, citrus taste. Sometimes it is a bit saltier due to the sea salt content in the grasses that the cows eat. The rind is orange because it is rubbed with butter or oil and paprika. As it ages, it will develop some small holes and a slight granularity.

This is a versatile cheese as proven by The Lady; using it on a cheese plate and also melting it to make a “cheese toast” treat.

The piece we tasted had just started developing the little holes and had a lemon aftertaste. This is a cheese that kids would like as well.

I give Mahon from Solera 3 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving Suggestions: Cheese plate and a terrific choice for many pasta dishes, especially mac n cheese. In Menorca, it is traditionally served sprinkled with olive oil, black pepper and tarragon.

Wine Pairing: A Spanish Tempranillo or Madeira.

Beer Pairing: Lord Chesterfield Ale

Source: Pasteurized Cow Milk

FTC Full Disclosure – The cheesemaker/manufacturer sent me their product, hoping I would review the product/cheese.

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