Golden Glen Creamery Cheese Plate

June 18, 2010

Vegetarian-Suitable Cheeses

The Lady’s cheese friend, Kim, General Manager at Golden Glen Creamery in Bow, Washington, sent a few cheeses as a gift for a “Help Wanted” post on the blog that we made a few weeks back.

We previously reviewed their fabulous Farmstead Butter which immediately became the “Main” Butter of the manse.

The Lady made a cheese plate of four of the cheeses and suggested that maybe I could taste them and review them on my blog… this Feline Foodie (that would be me) is always up for cheese tasting and reviewing…

The first cheese on the plate was Golden Glen Tall Grass, a Havarti-style cheese made from pasteurized cow milk. This cheese has a white, creamy paste and was mild and pleasantly sour and had a slightly bitter after taste which I really liked. The Lady served Ficoco with it and Vinta Crackers from Canada’s Dare Foods.

After Tall Grass we moved onto Bow Field Provolone, a favorite of The Man. This ivory and crumbly cheese was mild, buttery and sweet. The Man asked that some be held back for his next Italian Meat Sub Sandwich. He pronounced this as a perfect pairing for his favorite Italian Meats. As a fan myself of most Italian meats, especially Alpine Marmota marmota tartare, I concur that Bow field would be a food terrific pairing.

From the Provolone we moved to River Cheddar, a double cream cheddar that made The Lady swoon (as you know most swooning around here is done by The Man… not this time…).  This cheddar is buttery, creamy and tart with a taste of pineapple. Sure to remain a favorite and regular cheese around the manse. I have a sneaking suspicion that The Lady will be adding this to her next pimento cheese spread.

The fourth cheese we tasted was Judy’s Parmesan. It had the nutty aroma and taste of a younger Parmesan and was creamier than the Italian Parms that The Lady sells at the kiosk. We enjoyed this cheese and The Lady plans to grate it into a gratin dish she has planned for today’s dinner.

All-in-all, we loved these cheeses and give them all 3 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving Suggestions: included with the notes above.

Wine Pairings: These cheeses pair well with either a Pinot Noir or a Chardonnay.

Beer Pairing: An IPA would go nicely with these cheeses.

Source: Pasteurized Cow Milk

FTC Full Disclosure – The cheesemaker/manufacturer sent me their product, hoping I would review the product/cheese.


3 Responses to “Golden Glen Creamery Cheese Plate”

  1. Kim Says:

    Thanks for the great review. I would love to supply you with butter and River ! River is my favorite … the best of both worlds…aged and double cream..yum

    I love reading your reviews and have become a faithful follower!


    • cheesemonger Says:

      Welove your cheese and, of course, that damn fine butter. We have a few more to sample and looking forward to them as well.

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