Morbier… Has It Been Banned in the US??? Inquiring Minds Want to Know>>>

June 21, 2010

The Lady has not been able to get Morbier AOC since before Christmas. There is a rumor that the problem stems from new regime at the FDA (aka – FDA is a part of The Rat Ass Bastards currently ruining this country – The lady’s political views and certainly not shared by this Feline Foodie) and a government official at the FDA (another Rat Ass Bastard) who has classified the vegetable ash layer as a carcinogen and as such is now being banned from importation in the US.

However, in visiting other cheese shops, The Lady continues to see Morbier in their cases. Perhaps it has been around awhile.

Inquiring minds want to know. When I google Morbier, I can find nothing on this subject.

I would really appreciate feedback from anyone with knowledge on this mystery…

You can comment below or send me an email at:

spauldingthecheesemong (at)

Your assistance is appreciated by both The Lady’s customers and this Feline Foodie…


2 Responses to “Morbier… Has It Been Banned in the US??? Inquiring Minds Want to Know>>>”

  1. Brandon Says:

    I just got 3 wheels in today. Definitely not old either, it is still being imported. And if they were classifying the vegetable ash as a carcinogen they would have to stop Selles-sur-cher, VBC Bonne Bouche and Coupole, Carr Valley Mobay and many many more.

    • cheesemonger Says:

      IS ti AOC Morbier or one of the non-AOC. trying to figure this out. The carcinogen issue seems to be centered on “imports”… let’s hope it doesn’t spread to domestic cheeses…

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