Juniper Grove’s Tumalo Tomme

July 10, 2010

Made from Raw Milk

The Lady and The Man left me in charge of the manse… as if I’m not always in charge around here… and headed off to the Portland Farmers’ Market, a favorite trip for The Lady and a trip The Man “tolerates” because of his deep and abiding love for The Lady… yep… he is quite The Man… The Lady and I are very lucky to have him in our lives… ah… shucks…

Forgive my digression… I must digress one more moment and let you know The Lady and I have thrown aside our slight aversion to goat milk cheese in general, although I stand firmly by my review of that Hard Goat Cheddar she forced upon me last year… trust me, she paid dearly for that cheesy transgression… and, on occasion, continues to pay…

The reason I bring up the goat cheese issue is that upon returning from this Saturday AM excursion, The Lady greeted me with a wedge of farmstead goat cheese from Juniper Grove Farm located in Redmond, Oregon. A hard, alpine-style cheese named Tumalo Tomme. Definitely made from goat milk, this bold cheese was not gamey or offensive to my delicate palate. In fact it was quite a tasty treat for your favorite Feline Foodie (that would be me, of course).

You can taste the pasture and forage in this unpasteurized milk cheese; the nuances of the grasses and foliage of the high-desert environment were there and the taste lingered after the cheese was gone.

The Lady and I are discovering that the goat cheeses of the Pacific Northwest are cheeses that we should have been tasting and enjoying much earlier… oh well… better late than never.

I give Tumalo Tomme 3 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving Suggestions: With fresh fruit or fig preserves, on a cheese plate and a loaf of fresh artisan bread – you’ve got a meal.

Wine Pairing: A nice Gewurztraminer or dry Traminer wine.

Beer Pairing: Sierra Nevada Stout

Source: Raw goat milk


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