Black Diamond Extra Sharp Black Cheddar

July 23, 2010


The Lady carries Black Diamond Extra Sharp Cheddar on her cheese island which is adjacent to the Cheese Kiosk in her store. The cheese island also carries lots of specialty cheeses that come pre-cut and wrapped (the cheese in the kiosk is all cut and wrapped on the premises). As you may have gathered from reading my blog, cheddar is a perennial favorite around the manse.

The Tall Guy (aka The Lady’s father) worked for a dairy (as did his father) when The Lady was a baby and as a result The Lady didn’t grow up eating Velveeta but grew up eating quality cheeses, especially cheddars. (Later The Tall Guy was a meat salesman so again, The Lady grew up eating quality meats… huh… no wonder she turned into a foodie… what choice did she have???)

But I digress…

Cheddar is the cheese du jour around the manse and The Lady is always searching for another quality cheddar… and she has found another winner in Black Diamond Extra Sharp Cheddar. This white cheddar is distributed in the US by DCI Cheese, but it was the first “Brand Name” for Canadian Cheddar (in the 1930s) and is now manufactured by Parmalat Canada.

This crumbly, full-flavored cheddar melts well and also is a terrific addition to any cheese plate. The Lady served it first as a tasting for The Man and me on the latest creation from 34° Crispbread Crackers, a Whole Grain Cracker. The Black Diamond has that bite that you only get from quality cheddars and leaves a satisfying after taste as well.

After my special tasting, The Lady used the rest in one of her World-Class Mac n Cheese dishes and again delivered another winner.

I give Black Diamond Extra Sharp Cheddar 3 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving Suggestions: You can never go wrong when you serve Black Diamond on a cheese plate. This is a cheese that will add that extra gusto to any casserole that includes cheddar.

Wine Pairing: 2005 Pepper Bridge Walla Walla Merlot (Washington State)

Beer Pairing: Pike Brewery’s Pike Entire (Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout)

Source: Cow Milk


3 Responses to “Black Diamond Extra Sharp Black Cheddar”

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  3. Great post! Love the serving suggestions. We just shared this on our Black Diamond and DCI facebook pages.

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