Spaulding Gray From the Cheese Bunker: 2010 ACS: Cheesemaking at Beecher’s: Report #4

August 27, 2010

The alarm went off at 430am and startled the starch out of this Feline Foodie… for a moment I was disoriented; usually the alarm only goes off that early when The Lady is on her way to the cheese mines. Because we are in the Cheese Bunker in the suburbs of Seattle, I was pretty sure The Lady was not going to the cheese mines in Portland… then I heard her mention one word… one word that annoyed me greatly… Beecher’s… The Lady had a date at Beecher’s Handmade Cheeses at Pike Place Market to watch a cheese-making demonstration… and she had no intention of taking me along…

Wait… it gets worse, for me; but better for The Lady…

You’ve heard the old saying that “the early bird gets the worm”… well, The Early Lady also gets to help make cheese. The Lady was the first to arrive and Cheesemaker Adam asked her if she wanted to help make cheese and surprise… after she stopped swooning… she said, “You betcha!!”

She and two other “early birds” went into the make room where the curds were wheying and after the whey was drained, The Lady got to help with the cheddaring process; cutting the curds and flipping the blocks.

They made Flagship which will be aged for 18 months…

Beecher’s entire cheese operation is at the Pike Place site until their new Manhattan store is opened next year. They make four vats of cheese each day with each vat producing between 900 and 1,000 pounds of cheese.

The Lady had a picture taken with Adam, the Cheesemaker but because she forgot the download cord (the only item on her “things to do for Spaulding” list), I’ll add the picture once we return to the manse on Sunday…

At least she didn’t come back to the Cheese Bunker smelling of No Woman… she did bring a wedge of Flagsheep and a triangle of the 4-Year Flagship Reserve… which I will review in the next few days…

She swore she gave my love to the lovely Jena…

I’ll be reporting later today about the rest of The Lady’s day at the 2010 ACS taking place at the Seattle “No Pets” Sheraton… until then, I remain your humble Feline Foodie reporting from the “Cheese Bunker” hidden somewhere in the suburbs of Seattle…

2 Responses to “Spaulding Gray From the Cheese Bunker: 2010 ACS: Cheesemaking at Beecher’s: Report #4”

  1. […] at Beecher’s Handmade Cheeses assisting (think: doing stuff that can’t mess up the cheese) in making a batch of Flagship, she was also busy tasting some of their cheeses she had never enjoyed previously. The Flagsheep […]

  2. […] unique type of knitting takes place: cheddaring. (The Lady assisted in the cheddaring when making Flagship at Beecher’s this past summer.) The masses of curds are cut into large blocks, pulled to the sides of the vat, and stacked on top […]

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