Celebrating Our Two-Year Blogiversary – Blogging for The Love of Cheese

August 31, 2010

It’s hard to believe The Lady and I have been on our cheese adventure for a little more than two years. It’s been a great time; we’ve learned a lot about cheese (but so much more to learn…) and we’ve met lots of other great cheese nurds… to cap the two-year journey, we spent last week at the American Cheese Society Conference in Seattle and loved every minute of it, rubbing elbows with all the Cheese Swells.

On our one year anniversary we listed the top ten pages on our blog and you can read that page by clicking here.

We thought we’d also do a top ten at the end of year two and here it is:

  1. Le Cendrillon Wins Best Cheese in the World (The Lady and I tasted this last week and we’ll write a review in the next few days…)
  2. 2.       The Beemster Cheese Family
  3. 3.       Beer, Cheese and Food Pairings Chart
  4. 4.       Index of Cheese Reviews
  5. 5.       Hard Italian Cheeses
  6. 6.       Cheese and Wine Pairings Chart
  7. 7.       Ilchester’s Applewood Smoky Cheddar
  8. 8.       Cahill’s Original Irish Porter Cheese
  9. 9.       Dessert Cheese – White Stilton with Fruit
  10. 10.   French Brie

The Lady and I thank you for your visits and support as we continue our cheese journey into the future…


One Response to “Celebrating Our Two-Year Blogiversary – Blogging for The Love of Cheese”

  1. dolly phillips Says:

    congrats, sg. how many years is that in cat years?

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