2011 Wisconsin Cheesemaker Calendar Now on Sale

September 16, 2010

The Lady’s and my friend, Jeanne Carpenter, founder of Wisconsin Cheese Originals, teamed with Photographer Becca Dilley to produce the 2011 Wisconsin Cheesemaker Calendar.

The calendar features twelve of Wisconsin’s artisan cheesemakers who are the firing line of making exceptional award-winning cheeses in the Dairyland of America.

Among the cheesemakers featured in this calendar are Andy Hatch whose Pleasant Ridge Reserve from Uplands Cheese won Best of Show last month at the 2010 American Cheese Society Competition. It is the only cheese to win Best of Show at the ACS 3 times; wait it’s also the only cheese to win that honor twice… also featured is Joe Widmer of Widmer Cheese Cellars and maker of a favorite of mine, Wisconsin Aged Brick.

Jerry Heimerl, whose cheeses I recently reviewed, of Saxon Homestead Creamery and winner of two 2010 ACS Awards is featured on the June 2011 page; and the October page features Sid Cook of Carr Valley Cheeses. Sid has the distinction of having more cheese awards than any other cheesemaker in the world. Last count, Carr Valley was approaching three hundred awards, worldwide. I have reviewed several of Sid’s cheeses and a list is available on the cheese review index.

All twelve featured cheesemakers are winners and Jeanne and Becca captured some terrific pictures.

You can purchase the calendar for $19.95 at Wisconsin Cheese Originals. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include samples of the cheese but you can find many of them online or at your local specialty cheese shop.


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