The Cultured Way Yogurt Cheese

October 8, 2010


Made with active yogurt cultures, The Cultured Way’s Yogurt Cheeses have health benefits and are delicious. The Lady brought home two blocks of yogurt cheese: the original (plain) and jalapeño flavored.

Low sodium and lactose free and, of course, rBST free, this cow’s milk cheese is made using live yogurt cultures, acidophilus and bifidus. Each serving contains 120mg of sodium which is quite low for cheese and for those with lactose tolerance issues, this cheese is a great alternative.

And it tastes great. It’s creamy; The Lady used the jalapeño flavored to make quesadillas for The Man. He swooned. She served me the plain, cubed small and it melted on my palate and made for a perfect appetizer for me.

Made under the supervision of  Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker, Paul Reigle.

I give Cultured Way Yogurt Cheese 3 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).

Serving Suggestions: as a snacking cheese, it’s a hit!! It melts well making it perfect for cooking as well.

Wine Pairing: A nice, fruity Riesling is a nice pairing.

Beer Pairing: A moderately hoppy Pilsner.

Source: Cow Milk


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