Award-Winning Uplands to Roll-Out New Cheese

November 1, 2010

DODGEVILLE — It’s been a successful 10 years for Uplands Cheese Co.’s Pleasant Ridge Reserve but maybe a little bit lonely.

The cheese has been Uplands’ sole consumer product, made with unpasteurized milk from the farm’s grass-fed cows. It also has stood alone among farmstead cheeses in the U.S., winning the American Cheese Society’s top honor three times in a competition in which no other cheese has even won twice.

Now, Pleasant Ridge Reserve is getting some company. Next month, Uplands will debut Rush Creek Reserve, a soft, rich French-style cheese that will be available for only a few months, said cheesemaker Andy Hatch, who has been at Uplands since 2007. “The hope is they will both express our farm. Pleasant Ridge is dry and aged for a long time; Rush Creek is young and moist. It’s two different ways to express the same terroir (the unique characteristics of a specific place).”

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